Mike Leach

Obviously you cannot and WILL NOT win in the Southeastern Conference with no Defense. So if Arkansas hires this guy, I hope they get him cheap, because they will be hiring someone else in 3 yrs, they will need the money.

Nonsense, he just needs to be afforded a top-flight defensive coordinator and staff.

No top flight Defensive Coordinator is working with him, because his offense, will leave their Defense on the field all day and night. But by all means, hire him, and I will bet you 2k right now he’s fired within 5 yrs.

When I look at Alabama’s games against LSU and Auburn with the amount of scoring in those games, it just emphasizes the need for an offensive that can reach the 40-49 point level. Those three teams don’t have week defensive coaching staff or players. In today’s college game, the offense has the advantage and a team better be able to score quickly as well as move the chains.

Those 3 teams are essentially running an NFL style offense, for the most part. Leach’s offense is different. The bottom line is, you can score 70 every game, but if you give up 71, you still lost the game.

Alex Grinch was his DC at Wazzu in 2015-17. The 2017 defense was top 20 in the country. Grinch left WSU for Ohio State and is now the DC at Oklahoma.

What was that about no top DC will work for him again?

It was the 2016 Defense, and it was 12th, and you’re bragging about someone who left, went to a tougher conference and finished 4 spots above our 2018 Defense??Bawwwwaaahhaa…

But by all means hire the guy, Arkansas is one of the few places dumb enough and bigoted enough to do something that stupid. LOL…

The 2017 Defense was actually ranked 7th, but why do you suppose they lost 4 games, and he left?

Wow. Contradicting your own argument isn’t very smart.

He left because Ohio State is a better job than Wazzu maybe?

Bigoted? Whiskey foxtrot tango are you talking about?

Never mind, I can see you don’t know what you’re talking about. Carry on in your ill-informed ranting.

You want to hire someone that rants more stupid stuff towards the media, than anyone in recent history. Just the other day after another loss to WASU, was asked a perfectly normal question, that a 2 yr old could answer better, and he responded like a complete idiot, Again. That is going to be fired from WSU, after a few more yrs. And only wants the job at Arkansas, because he figures there are more people as stupid mentally as him, in that state. That, and no legitimate school would hire him. His employment opportunities are Ole Miss and Arkansas.

But believe me, I want you to hire him, so please do so I can laugh at the idiocy when Arkansas fires him, after yet another embarrassing episode in Razorback coaching fork lore… And WSU as a Coordinator, to OSU as co/coordinator/safety coach, isn’t an upgrade dude.

Now carry on, and go make your hire, please, so I can laugh at you for the next 3 yrs.

I have to laugh at these people that are promoting Mike Leach non stop. They wouldn’t hire him to coach their pee wee child’s team, if it were not for one thing, they like his delusional-conspiratorial- prejudices. Which essentially tells you what you need to know about them as a person as well.

Me, I would not hire him. #1. Because he’s an idiot. #2. Because he’s not a very good coach. #3. Arkansas would be continual 6,7, and occasionally 8 game winners on good years, and on bad years 2, 3, 4 game winners. #4. I don’t see African American athletes in the south, playing for someone that was that prejudiced against their only president.

Probably a race baiting out in Left field talking down to those you disagree with.
Are you even a Hog fan?

Politics and Leach’s personal baggage aside, he has proven that he can coach at the P5 level. Only HY knows who he wants to hire. I will support whoever he hires.

Mike Leach has his issues and I understand schools not wanting to take a chance on him but you are simply wrong if you think he cannot coach. There are many ways to argue that point but I will suggest that perhaps the most impressive thing regarding Leach is that his coaching tree is noted for being in the top five of all college football coaches. The number of successful coaches who have learned their trade while working under Leach is long and impressive.

My apologies to anyone that I may have offended by my post. First, I have been a Razorback fan all of my life, grew up in Jacksonville next to the rec center, went to Bayou Meto Elementary when we moved out there. So that’s not true.

Secondly, you can call me a liberal or whatever, that’s fine, but I will admit, I just don’t like what he said about President Obama and never apologized for. President Obama was one of the finest human beings to ever step foot in that White House, if not the finest. The things he said were wrong, not true, and hurtful, and he should apologize. If he would simply do that, then I would be fine with him.

Third, you guys are correct, I am judging his coaching slightly unfair, because of my personal opinions of his behavior, so that’s unprofessional and unfair to him, and I’m better than that as a person, so please accept my apologies again, for letting my personal opinions cloud my judgment.

Fourth, with a great Defensive coordinator, and a concentrated effort in recruiting, while he would not be my first choice, Lane Kiffin would, he could be successful. I honestly want what is best for the kids, and I don’t want to see Arkansas be embarrassed again. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think he might melt down against Alabama or LSU, and it would embarrass the school, state, and team.

Take care and God Bless…

Hog fans are a rabid bunch.
Merry Christmas! He is the reason for this season.

I am hoping for Lane Kiffin. His father is a living legend and a
former Razorback Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator.
If not, I trust our AD will surprise us with a different great hire.

Hey we agree! I think Monte even now, is a brilliant defensive minded coach. That Tampa defense was only second to one IMHO, da 85 Bears.

The Purple People Eaters ala the Vikings and that bunch
that was known as the Steel Curtain in Pittsburgh were pretty good defenses as well.
There is a picture somewhere of Lane Kiffin with his dad in Razorback gear when Lane was probably four years old.

They absolutely were great Defense’s. Jack Lambert, Mean Joe Greene were great players . The 2000 Ravens were up there also…The 86 Giants were really good. The a Purple People eaters and the Chiefs both were good on 1969, the Chiefs obviously a little better.

I like Monte Kiffin’s 2003 Defense because look at the Asst coaches it produced. Tomlin is looking at another coach of the year trophy if he wills this team into the playoffs. Raheem Morris is a great coach. In fact, if the Razorbacks were smart they would ask the Falcons for an interview, he can coach.