Mike Leach is a low life, always has been, always will be

Obviously their kickers struggled, but these are young kids with families, is it really necessary to make the dejected kids feel worse than they already do? The aforementioned low life above told the entire press core, that he was holding open try outs for kickers, no doubt making those two kickers feel worse than they already do…

Like the Bible says, you can tell what kind of man a person is, not when everything is going great, but when things are not so great, when you’re struggling a little bit.

There was a Little House on the Prairie episode that reminds me of this also. Charles and the saw mill wasn’t paid for work they had done, and as such, he wasn’t able to pay the Oleson Mercantile a past due bill. So the entire family worked their butts off, and paid the bill off early. Great episode! Some people rise up, when things are difficult, others fall to pieces, and look for anything logical or illogical to blame. Clearly based on Leach’s entire history, we know what category he resides in.

Even if opening up the place kicking job is the right thing to consider, it seemed pretty classless to discuss this in post game comments. Never been a fan of Leach, he may be good guy, but I have not seen it. I know he is a pretty good coach, I like ours better.

Totally, this is a game, there’s no reason to destroy a kid over a game, or really almost anything else. I just pray those kids understand he’s just an idiot, and don’t do something horrible.

Maybe Leach was still stinging from the song being played on the PA system immediately after the game ended:

“A Pirate’s Life for Me”-the goofy song they play on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World.

Excellent work by the AD Department to have that one ready to go.

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