Mike Anderson gets a contract extension

So much for some of you thinking the new AD needed to go a different direction.

I like coach A. I wish the team was more disciplined on the court though.

What a mistake!!! I think I need to find another team to support because it is apparent the powers at Arkansas have their heads up somewhere. This looks like CBB all over again. I can’t figure what basis they can give him a raise and extension and we thought Jeff Long was bad. They should be cleaning house. The new AD was showing promise but now I have no faith in him. Hogs will never be an upper echelon team with CMA at the helm.

Just read the details on the deal and I feel better about the new AD, he had nothing to do with this. Looks like another Jeff Long screw up. At least they didn’t change his buy out so maybe we can get rid of MA next year. More be people will be on the bandwagon by then to send him in to retirement. He can come and watch the games with Nolan and they can discuss old times.

Come on dude, that is utterly ridonkulous!!!

  1. MA has the team competing in a conference right now that hasn’t ever been this strong, in basketball anyway, from top to bottom.

  2. He’s an outstanding human being, (True Christian) that truly cares about his kids and their lives.

  3. Recruiting has been good. Borderline very good with incoming classes.

  4. If you were to fire a coach at Arkansas with a winning record, you’re going to need a lot more money to get another.

  5. He’s a very good coach, the players have to play, a coach can only do so much. Obviously MA can coach, he led MO to an Elite Eight, turning around a program that was literally at rock bottom.

I hate any loss as much as anyone, but only a fool would get rid of MA with the job he’s done on the hill. Now some of his assistants, who are not doing a great job developing a consistent POST game, they frustrate me at times. Arkansas basketball has to have a POST game to be successful consistently.


My thoughts on your points: 1) I agree he is competing in a conference that is average most years. 2) Your absolutely on point. 3) He’s doing the best job of recruiting in his career right now in my opinion. 4) That’s debatable. 5) He’s a good coach,very good is debatable, very good coaches are more consistent, MA has made it to the dance 50% of the time as a head coach and 33% of time while being the coach at Arkansas and only won 1 game each trip. As the part about the players have to play that doesn’t wash at least one of our sports writers will point out quickly that the head coach is ultimately responsible for what’s happens on the court. In Conclusion: As far as you recognizing that some of our assistants are not doing a good job,that is in MA lap also, seems to me if any of our assistants were outstanding at their position other programs would be trying to hire them away you would think and to my knowledge that’s not happening. As far as only a fool would fire coach MA I would agree due to the fact of his great job of recruiting lately. If in the next couple year our average appearances do not increase to the dance it may be time to shop around unless we are content with less than 50% of the seasons leading to the dance. I think the world of MA as a person and a leader, but I want our program to be a National ranked team and be recognized as such, enjoyed your post this morning. WPS

I didn’t say MA was not a good person but as a coach he is liking. We see the same mistakes being made over and over and no changes made. Hogs will continue to be middle of the pack or less. I don’t care what you guys think. I have an opinion just like you and I respect your opinion even though I don’t agree with it. I know MA will not be let go unless he has 2-3 losing seasons because of things that happened in the past. I didn’t want him hired for that reason. If he wants to improve the team, he needs to get rid of family and friends on his staff and get some real coaches.

You can have an opinion and that’s fine, nobodies telling you to like Anderson, but when you base it on false information, you will get called on it.

For example, “middle of the pack or less,” when have we been less or even in the last 5 years just in the middle?

And what mistakes happen over and over and never changes. I don’t want something that happened just a few games and you equate it to every game our guys play, but something from year one to now.

Let me just start by saying that I like Coach Anderson and not looking to see him fired at this time.
However, success is easily defined in College Basketball by wins and losses, who you beat and who you don’t beat on a regular basis? Is your team consistently ranked nationally? Are you a mainstay in the NCAA Tournament and do you advance past the first weekend regularly?

If you answer these questions honestly it will tell you where our Basketball program is currently.
I believe we need to give Coach A the opportunity to see if he can sign enough quality players during his new contract to get the Hogs back in the national conversation on a regular basis. If he can then great, but if we continue to be mediocre and not able to get to the Dance every year and fail to get pas the first weekend then it will be time to move on.

Go Hogs!

The usual denier. Our track record after 6 plus years is marginal by any measure. But go ahead: deny, deny, deny