Men's and women's track & field teams??

Does anyone know why the Hog track teams didn’t quite perform very well (though being in top5 ain’t bad) at the NCAA indoor meet? Especially the Weeks girls? Are they injured in any way? According to pre-meet rankings, both teams should’ve fared much better. I can’t find an article anywhere that explains the low performance.

There are two stories written above about them. One says too little, too late (men) the other says something about the vaulters and has picture of the Weeks girls.

I think that even though we won the SEC Indoors, that we didn’t have a lot of 1st place finishers like A&M and Fla did. Those guys also won Nationally while some of our athletes that just earned points didn’t do so at the NCAA meet. 10 points a pop for 1st place done it for the Aggies.

We used to have a lot of distance runners who would score many points. Now it seems we only a one or two and can’t score enough points in the jumping events or sprints. Some of these other schools are strong across the board and this can be fixed with better recruiting.

I watched last year, and it seemed we won the distance and field events, but no sprinters. We need the track part of track and field, but that is just my opinion