McElwain out at Florida

According to “unnamed sources” after an early morning meeting with school officials. They are working out the details of the buyout.

Well kids the music has started in this game of musical chairs will Arkansas have a seat when the music stops?

Scott Frost to Florida?

Who do you think they go after?

Chip Kelly

Scott Frost.

I do think there is a silver lining with several programs needing a HC, for Arkansas atleast. All of these top 15 programs are going to want a big name, so they will likely go after the Gruden, Kelley, Campbells of the world, leaving some really solid young coaches out there.

Scott Frost is a fantastic one, and will probably get the Florida job, but if they don’t, talk about someone to target.

Along with chad Morris, Mike Norvell, and several others, there’s a lot of options out there, quality options.

I think Florida might finally go after Dan Mullen. It makes sense he has won at a high level at MSU with lesser talent against SEC competition. He has a Florida connection and now that Foley is gone he might have a shot. Mullen and Foley did not like each other.

I honestly wouldn’t be suprised if Shannon is retained.

It will be an interesting off season.

Several reports say the Florida job will likely go to Frost or Morris, but I wouldn’t rule out Mullen.
As for Kelly, if A&M ends up 7-5 or 8-4 which is likely then they will probably show Sumlin the door and I could see them making a strong play for Kelly which could be scary with all their resources and fertile D1 recruits in Texas.
It’s been reported that the Volunteers have already approached Gruden with 10 Million per year if he wants the job and speculation is that if he opts not to take it then they will turn their sites to Petrino who may want to exit Louisville with all of the issues swirling around their athletic department.
Gus could likely be out as well if the tigers don’t finish strong and possibly beat either Georgia or Alabama.
So, that would leave both Sumlin and Gus looking for a job and then their are coaches such as Matt Campbell; perhaps Chad Morris or Scott Frost however if Frost doesn’t get the Florida job he may likely end up back at his Alma mater Nebraska. Then their is Mike Bobo, Dave Doran and Frank Wilson to consider for openings around the SEC.
Could be an interesting fall/winter for the coaching carousel and then again we might not even get involved, we’ll just have to wait and see.
However, unlike many I don’t believe we will win more than possibly 2 of our final four games and that’s if we can beat Missouri.
So, if that’s how it plays out is our administration willing to stay the course after a 4-8 or 5-7 season in year five of the Bielema era! Ticket sales will probably be in decline if they do.

A coach would be crazy to take that job at Florida. The Gator fan base must be crazy. The east is easy but they won’t beat Bama. They can’t beat the hogs!

Bucky hasn’t gotten along with the new AD since he took the job. In 3 or 4 years this music for them will start again !
It won’t matter who they hire.

Butch Jones is next. The Vols will change this year and again in 3 to 5 years.

Texas A&M. Will finish 7-5 and Sumlin’s reign in Aggieland will end. The Chip Kelly time will start clicking away. He might last 3 years. Saban will kill a team he puts on the field.

We will end up with CBB back next year and he will go out and change his staff.

Maybe we can get Shannon back on our staff. When Florida hires a new coach

I think Mullen would jump if offered the job, better recruiting base and not in division with Saban. WPS

I disagree Army, Florida is a sleeping giant much like it was when Spurrier took over, they just need th right coach and they have not found him yet.

That new AD is a MSU alum who worked with n loves Mullen.

If we have a losing season and Bielema is retained I will know for sure Long needs to go.

Shannon is not the answer at all…what has Floridas defense done under him? I’ll hang up n listen.

Shannon can recruit! In Florida. For us.
The Gators are spoiled and I hope they dins that guy they want and continue firing in 3 years. Eventually they will be paying enough coaches buyout money to where all they can afford is a janitor as a coach!
It took refs helping them beat us in the SEC championship game or we would have won I have not forgotten that to this day. By the way those refs were suspended by the SEC office.

Bucky should have took help from the old ball coach when he offered.
I’m not suggesting Shannon should be their head coach. I would like for him to return to our staff.

They won’t keep a coach over 3 three years.

Pipe dream Army…Shannon didn’t get along with Bielema and there is no way he is coming back.

Shannon will not return to the Hogs!!! His wife wanted to move back to FL and he will find a job there. He may stay with the Gators. Oh, he might return to Hogs if they offered him the head coaching job which I don’t see happening.

No to Shannon as a Head Coach here!

If Shannon is not retained after Mullen and his staff migrate to Florida and set up camp, it would be wise for the U of A make a hire as D.C. or assist HC.

Malzhan or Sumlin as OC.

Let the coordinators hire their assistants with the approval of the HC Lane Kippen.

Oh, I’m awake now…just goes to show everyone how wild this off season will be in the SEC…

Butch, I’m sorry I woke up before you entered the dream, we do need a press secretary…