Maybe we shoud stop playing at Cowboys Stadium

CBB cant win in Cowboys Stadium or War Memorial. Maybe he should downplay Cowboys Stadium as a road game and ask to play A&M on campus too…we wont win ANYWHERE when coaches dont have a team a ready to FINISH! Power running team that cant get an INCH on the goalline? Go back to the drawing board CBB and make practices this week extra tough for O and D lineman. We MUST control the line of scrimmage and FINISH drives! #WPS

I remember hearing Bielema refer to Little Rock as being a road game, he noted that in regard to the team travel preparations. I have never heard him bother to make any of those type declarations or distinctions about that game in Dallas. I have just heard him refer to that game as our home in Dallas. I hear the Good Old Boy Network hammered on by one particular poster here. Maybe I have missed some references by Bielema to that Texas game but standing just upon the information I just related. Bielema looks like a full fledged member of the aforementioned Network.

Whatever, Jerry no longer takes the field to play in games and does not officiate. He just makes coach & Jen and whoever they drag along feel like royalty. Then we forfeit an SEC home game every other season and lose the thing in our supposed Dallas home. This junk should have been forgotten when Texas A&M joined the SEC. Play someone OOC in Dallas for the cash & stroking. The best chance of winning a conference game should never be sacrificed for anything this side of life & death. That series should be immediately canceled in Dallas.

CBB won’t want to give that up… That is his J.Jones time… His opportunity to lay the ground work if and when that job comes open. CBB has to be cursing Zak for the success the Boys are having. Then of course winning a game at the stadium would help his cause too. He has got to be pissed at the assistants.

It doesnt matter if we play on MARS! If we’re a power football team we MUST have enough talent on our O-line to get an INCH whenever we WANT it…we can play every SEC and OOC game in Fayetteville but if we have a power football team and cant get an INCH we wont win there either. We need to get back to physical practices and 1 on 1 contact drills between O and D lineman. What happened Saturday was an embarrasment!!! #WPS

Personally, if we are going to complain about the Little Rock games(rightly so), then we also need to stop this game. Make it home and home, just like all of our SEC games. Now that A&M is in our conference, we get plenty of exposure in Texas. I would like to have that ticket on my season.

We like playing down there for recruiting purposes. Not just recruiting football players, but recruiting regular students; UA gets a whole lot of kids from the Metroplex.

This series is not going to continue past 2024 when the contract at JerryWorld runs out, because A&M would rather play home and home and sell out 102,000 seats at Kyle Field. I think they’d break the contract early if they could, but from what I hear Jerry is not going to let them out of it. But A&M is unlikely to renew it. Sumlin would rather play at home, the current AD would rather play at home, etc.

It looks like we may have to get rid of Bielema to win one. As the losses pile up it just looks like a growing Texas sized big embarrassment.

Right now, A&M has our number. I don’t know the reason. We’ve played well enough to beat them the last three seasons if you take away the 4th quarter. I predict… if CBB beats them, we will dominate them just like in the old SWC.