Maybe BB wants to be fired? 15.4 buyout, why not?

His buy out is almost equal to 4 yrs of salary… The thing that gets me is, this team in yr 5 is barely even going to qualify for a Weed Wacker/ Idaho potatoes bowl… The Defense looks sick it’s tackling and effort is so bad, I have no clue what love affair he has going with the Allen family, but anyone can see if you can’t protect the QB, you need an athlete at QB. You don’t really have to be great to even be competitive in CFB, you just have to be smart. Look at GA TECH, they battle far more talented teams all the time, and their offense is basically what we ran with Hatfield.

Honestly, what idiot gave him this contract? What’s the worst that could happen, he quit? So? Arkansas has won 10 SEC games in 4 yrs…LOL…Thank God for Mississippi…LOL…

I’m sure he doesn’t want to be fired because that would mean his coaching career as a big time coach with a big salary is over. He could get a job as an assistant coach or at a much smaller college at less than 25% of his current salary. However, with his record at Arkansas, no big time college would hire him as a head football coach.

I don’t want to fire him and payout that ridiculous buyout, we can suffer through this season and next and if results aren’t good enough then he will be gone along with his opportunities to make this type of money ever again in whatever would become of his career.
Having said that, my hope is that we do improve and never have to talk about this or ridiculous buyouts in the future.

Go Hogs!

Two more years of stellar recruiting then along with game to game improvements at WR and TE this season.

My # 1 priority wish list for CBB is an ultra athletic QB ready to hit the field next season, preferably a top rated JUCO QB. The Hogs need a huge infusion of athleticism at the QB position next season in addition to having Cole Kelly if we are to overcome competitive, speedy, physical, and athletic teams next season. Return teams could use a boost of athleticism as well. Keep improving!! Woopig and WPS!!!

Buy him out then! The money is there…send him home. Time to win

The only thing that is keeping him from purposely getting fired is He is wanting the Iowa job when Ferentz steps down. What does Iowa think?

He’ll take that buyout like all the rest of them do.

The buyout would be reasonable by now if stupid Jeff Long didn’t increase it again.

We are not rolling in money. We make a small profit, but that’s all.

I know what I’m about to say is absolutely stupid because history shows everytime a coach is replaced the new coach immediately takes the team to new & spectacular heights of winning, but there is a chance–just a slight chance I know–but the replacement (who’ll also have to be paid gazillions of dollars) might not only do no better, he might do much worse. Then, of course, we’ll replace that coach in 5 years, too. Just like all the other schools who replace their coaches after about 5 years.

Dont be silly…the U of A will make atleast 40million dollars this year off SEC network money. We have more than enough to pay this guy…heck, our recruiting budget is 100million dollars. Fans just have to show they’re not satisfied

No school sets a buyout to be on the hook for an outrageous fee…the reasoning behind a buyout is too keep other schools from taking the coach. If he was winning big that 15million would be a drop in the bucket for a school that really wanted him. Of course no one wants to pay that for a loser, so we’re stuck with the guy unless we fire him and buyout his contract. In other words Long missed on the coach…happens with all schools. AD has to accept it and make the change

Recruiting budget is 1 million not 100 million, but then the rest of your post is similarly detached from reality.

No the huge buyout is to make it effectively impossible to remove Bielema before he has had a chance to turn around the program. Long and Bielema both saw what was needed to be done and knew it was going to take time. Did you realize we were about to lose scholarships because Saint Petrino never graduated players and our APR was so low we were going to lose scholarships? Do you have any concept of the uphill battle recriuting to the UA is? Couple that with the loss of scholarships it’s like being on NCAA probation and would have killed the program. But whatever…

Getting players to just start going to class was an improvement over bike guy!

Bielema talked about in the first year it was a huge accomplishment when not one player was late for a meeting. Previously getting them tooshow up was a struggle much less getting them to go to class. Bielema has laid the foundation and we are starting to see it in recruiting. Wins are coming.

Let’s buy him a motorcycle!

If Coach B wants a Motorcycle he gets paid well enough to buy one. Whay a site that would be for him to cruise through town on a motorcycle. He has enough integrity to make good decisions !

I know things look tough and we expect much more from our team and Coaches. Having said that, last fall and after the bowl game the majority of fans demanded changes and we got changes with coaches and a new defensive scheme, so I think we need to see how things go deeper into this season. I’m by no means making excuses but I can’t throw in the towel based on last weeks loss, if at the end of the season we haven’t seen strides made to become more competitive then there’s reason to become very concerned I would think. For myself I look for a good win against A&M next Saturday with much sharper and aggressive play calling and performances by our coaches and players. WPS

3 defensive coordinators in 5 years, 0-14 in games trailing at halftime, losing games the same way fr 5 years. If CBB doesn’t turn things around this year , in my opinion we should just cut our losses and move on.

If I don’t see a different Hog team take the field against A&M myself and many others will be joining you. I really think we beat the Aggies, I’m sure the coaches and players feel the urgency to play well. Many Sec teams didn’t look near as good as we thought at first after yesterday’s games and Vandy looked better than expected to me. Let’s circle the wagons and see how things turnout next Saturday ! WPS

I am all for wishful think but have been doing so for as long as I can remember for hog sports in general but I do not have any idea of what is going on down there and it doesn’t make sense how you could get beat like that at home by TCU but I do believe we need a mobile quarterback it just seems like the D knows exactly what we were going to do