Matt, nwadmin: iPhone problem (don't logout!)

My mistake yesterday was to logout of the forums. I suggest that you not logout unless forced to do so.

When I try to login on the iPhone, I am taken to the Whole Hog Sports home page. If I then return to the message board front, it shows that I am not logged in. If I click on a forum, it indicates that I must either register or login.

I did try calling the number Matt provided. That goes to circulation. The person answering the phone had no idea what “forums” are. I tried to explain, but she only partially understood. I really hate talking to third parties, especially those who don’t use the system.

I did try using the forums on my iPad and because I had never logged out there, I was able to access them. I really would like to use the forums on the iPhone this weekend (I’m leaving tomorrow), but I can’t sit around and waiting on “Melissa” to email me.

This is the first time I’ve evened looked the forum tab. I’ve been on WHS for years. I did not experience the issue you describe as IPhone user.

My problem seems to be unique. I’ll have to wait until Monday when I can take my iPhone into the office. They have not been able to replicate the problem.