Marty.. please.. Since you used the term;

Wow, Ok Marty you used the term… “going off the deep end” about one of my posts… Please I think it would be helpful if you would re-post that so we can now all see what defines “going off the deep end”

Censorship should be limited to cursing, hateful name calling, death threats, off topic rants of political or religious nature. What you are doing it like you are monitoring a bunch of 8 year old girls and are worried about if they get their feeling hurt because someone does not like the color of her shirt.

Just terrible

This is so pitiful, one of the old WHS T-people crying all over the board. He is now filling the board with threads addressed to the mod. Leaving out how he was banned from the old board many times. He cannot bash players and make sarcastic fun of the program all over this board in topic threads. All he ever did on the old board minus placing the topic threads he could not do there. Even missing his Patrino fanatic friends, HA and Tim. They are here, Tim is now Jdeere. These people could only exist on the old WHS board. I have been on many boards in Arkansas and around the country. Their types are not tolerated. You make one basically inflammatory post as I described in a post here yesterday of referring to Stoops as Stoopid on the Oklahoma board, you are gone on those boards. I don’t know if they will be tolerated here, too early to tell. However they would be no loss. I am sure their true reasons for being here are unmanageable underlying social issues. They need professional help.


Board rules:


Please read 1, 5, and 13. If you still don’t understand refer back to 13

I couldn’t figure out what your post was about in relation to the topic. Then I went back and looked at the whole thread and saw you were not the OP. God I love the ignore/foe features on forums. Of course it was much easier to do on the old Scout board. :slight_smile:

I have no idea what the OP was referring to, nor do I care to go back through a lot of old posts trying to figure it out.

He’s still harping on the thread you deleted on Saturday. :frowning:

I like the way SilverFox put it best: “…delivering profuse blunt force trauma to a deceased equine carcass.”

Yeah, they love mom and apple pie and just everything and are just so mistreated. They are refugees from the old board minus a few strange friends. They learned to stay off Davenport’s board with their most grievous offenses because he would block them but nobody else ever would. I can tolerate them as they are old hat but when they start making posts referring to nudity by each other, I am out of here. I will not be on a board with that type tripe. That is why I took months long vacations from the disqus boards.

If you see a post that offends you, be sure to report that post by clicking on the exclamation point icon at the top right of the post. Then explain why you are reporting it. That should get action.

It was always subtle within the flow of their conversation. However it was something I saw as having no logical reasoning for being inclusive. If or when I see it, I will flag it as you described. Thanks very much for the info.