Malzhan back on hot seat

After 2 loses to end the season for Auburn, I’m sure the seat will be warm once again during the off season and the start of next season. Beating Alabama in the iron bowl is supposed to be a springboard for Auburn to make its way to National Championship contention, but this seasons Iron Bowl win was followed up with a loss in the SEC Title game and a defeat to the UCF Knights in a New Years Day Bowl.
I’ll give Malzhan 2 Years to win the SEC or he will be fired, look what happened to Gene Chisik two years removed from winning a National Championship at this University. At Auburn, winning “Just Means More”, if you don’t win you don’t keep the job.
I’m sure his agent has a great buyout in place so if he does get fired it will only hurt his pride and not his bank account.
Oh, by the way I was never a bring Malzhan Home type of fan and if he does get fired I certainly hope he is not lingering around as the next HC in waiting.
I believe we have a HC that will work hard and recruit players to his system and have success in a few years and once that happens we won’t be looking for a coach for many years to come, thank god!

Good luck In the New Year Coach Malzhan, if today’s any indication you’re going to need it!

Go Hogs!

I agree. Sad thing razorback foundation was willing to break the bank for gus.

We should count our blessings that he chose to take his chances at Auburn.
Just look at it like this if he can’t beat UCF, while a good team with a consistent top ten recruiting class team at Auburn what did anyone think he could’ve done at Arkansas with less talent?
I believe the Hogs have the right coach for them at the right time, he will get some real quality players out of Texas every year from now on and we will be competitive in a few years and hopefully for long term.

Go Hogs!

Another way to look at it is we made Auburn pay 7.5 mil to sign Gus. This handicaps their administration on what moves they can consider. They’re spending a ton of money only to have an unhappy fan base. That kind of pressure on Gus is good for us in the long run.

I am not saying the powers that be intended for it to work out that way. But Gus certainly asked for deeper scrutiny when he played us and Aubie for a raise.

UCF is a good team, they had an attitude because they felt they should have been a playoff team. Auburn didn’t look like they had any energy or enthusiasm. I don’t know how true it is, but one of Finebaum’s idiot/obviously fake callers said he’s not very well liked there. Who knows though. I don’t think he would win anymore at Arkansas than Houston Nutt did though, so it’s kind of ironic that he played a big part in running him off. Personally, I would have kept Nutt, our fans are morons, their always upset/whining about something. Overall the last 10 yrs if we had kept Nutt would have been about the same, or slightly better, I could see Nutt pulling an upset against AL 1-2 times, something none of the others did. I don’t see Malzahn upsetting Bama with our talent, or lack thereof. And this new guy has lost more recruits than he’s won. Arkansas kids are not loyal, unless that kid is Catholic, South Bend, Indiana isn’t any better of a place to live than Arkansas, and a little colder.

Malzhan is a great coach. However, it does seem to me that paying him $7 million per year to coach at Arkansas is a bit much.

I would expect he’ll have lots of options if ever tossed from Auburn. Perhaps the only issue will be the gaining school’s side of the buyout - Auburn will be wanting that school to pick up some of that buy-out. Agree with most of the sentiment seen here and heard from the talking heads on TV - UCF is 1) a good program with alot of talent, 2) played with the attitude to win and 3) Auburn players were not motivated (I think they GOT motivated in the 4th quarter but ran out of time).