Malzahn would be a fool to turn down a good contract from Arkansas.

  1. He would immediately have at least 4 yrs to build a solid winner, at Auburn, one more avg yr and he’s out on his butt.
  2. He’s familiar with the area, and the SEC.
  3. Unless it’s Vennables, either Norvell or Gus will both need help on Defense. That AAC Championship game looked ridiculous, the defense was so bad by both teams.

I’m not a fan of hiring Kiffin, anyone dumb enough to motivate Saban, who obviously recruits well in our state, is either stupid, or still immature.

Leach is only wanted because of this … the-bible/

If he became an atheist Liberal tomorrow, no one that is hollering for him to coach here, would ever mention him again in a zillion yrs. For me, he’s a good offensive coach, but obviously he would have trouble recruiting black athletes here, because of his views, and you will not win in the SEC without athleticism.

Agreed…hope he is not using us to get a big boost in pay at Aubie.

Where is Gus? I thought he was just itching to come home and coach the Razorbacks.

Do you think he and Krazy Kristy got so excited at the prospect that they just ran home n started packing?

No? The silence from a coach that just loves the Hogs and wants to come home is concerning to you?

Malzahn is using us for leverage on a new contract, extension and raise. He holds all the cards, if he gets what he wants he stays at Auburn and if not he moves on to Arkansas. Meanwhile good coaches who actually want to be here are left twisting in the wind and we continue to lose commits.

Great job Arkansas

Maybe so, can’t blame him for that, that’s what his agent is supposed to do, get as much money as he can for his client. Robert Kraft and Bill Belecheck aren’t coming to Fayetteville from the Patriots to be our GM and coach. I have no clue why we haven’t hired this Gragg guy already from Tulsa, that seems like a no brainer to me. And maybe would explain that ridiculous effort in Houston tonight. The kids might be thinking the same thing I am, the bigots in Arkansas might have had a problem with the hire, and ax’d it.

Nooooooooooo! Not the race card!!!

This is how Andersons teams play. I believe the question problem with Gragg may be his hiring of Frank Haith.

The only reason any coach wants to come here is for money. Noone out there has an undying love for Arkansas. Venables, Norvell, Morris, and othes “want” to come here because they will get fat pay checks and improve their resume by having a more prestigous job. Did you honestly expect Gus to announce during the post game presser that he was leaving to go to Arkansas? No coach does that. If he comes or not, I think it is silly that you all attack Gus for the doing the same crap that every coach does, and will do.

Well let’s see…it was announced during the game that Scott Frost was going “home” to Nebraska and he addressed it in the post game presser. I can come up with other examples but just don’t want to do so. Bottom line Gus is using us for leverage, he gets a better deal at Auburn or he walks and goes to Arkansas. He is not just going to Arkansas. My point is St. Gus doesn’t love Arkansas so much and wants to go home so badly or it would be a done deal. He is waiting for an answer from Auburn before making a decision on Arkansas. Get ready…we are about to move down the list to our 10th candidate like Tennessee.

Scott Frost loves UCF so much, and is so committed to that University that he is leaving them for a bigger job, and with what I imagine a huge pay raise!

Just curious, but does anyone remember this?

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I don’t see where Malzahn was quoted to saying that.

You are missing my point. The Cult of Gus has had the narrative that Gus is ready to come home and it is a done deal. If that is tne case why is he trying to get a raise and and extension with Auburn? Scott Frost didn’t do that he made a decision to go home and that was that.

Why are you listening to the cult of Gus? They are only speculating. There has not been any consistent news regarding the Arkansas coaching search through the national media. Unlike Tennessee, we have no idea who has even been interviewed.

Again you are missing my point or you are being obtuse either way I don’t understand why you are taking me to task over this. Buh bye.

Hey guys, we are all scratching an itch that’s been itching for a long long time. I know I am, Georgia put a whooping on Auburn, and if you watched the SEC Championship game, you saw how Georgia did it…the old fashion way…Defense…controlling the line of scrimmage, shutting down the run and getting after the qb who was ineffective finding an open receiver. Georgia’s offense was balanced 200 yards rushing +/- and 200 yards passing +/- the offense effective enough to keep the defense rested. The offensive line controlled the Auburn D-line studs…this game…Arkansas has to recruit and not be afraid to challenge for those 4/5 star recruits, get one or two this year, add 2 more next year and so on, providing the right coaches are there to teach, and I’m talking about linemen, SEC linemen…add recruiting talented skilled position players with SPEED, and right now
GUS IS THAT COACH, although Auburn lost; Gus has built them that way. Hire Jay Jacobs Auburn’s AD and Gus will accept that lucrative offer and a good many of his coaches will come with him. As of 8:45 I have not seen anything of an Arkansas offer…Go after that Jay Jacobs the AD too. If he’s clean of any NCAA violations with BB coaches…Arkansas has built it and it’s time they came!

The Frost comparison is not valid. Frost couldn’t use the Nebraska offer for leverage because it is impossible for UCF to match, let alone exceed, Nebraska’s offer. And, that doesn’t take into consideration that coaching for Nebraska is more prestige.

Idiotic. The Frost comparison is very valid. The assertion was that no coach announces they are leaving in a post game presser. My rebuttal is it happened yesterday when it was announced during the Memphis/UCF game that he was going to Nebraska and Frost addressed it in his post game presser… Nebraska is not more prestigeous anymore. And if Gus wants to come home he has an offer but that disingenuous “person” is playing us and asking Auburn to match the deal.

Haha haha hahaha! Shadenfreunde.