Malzahn to stay at Auburn

Per reports, he’s signed an extension at Auburn.

Although I would have loved to have him, the fan base is not really as united behind his hire as you’d hope. Hoping we end up with someone in the next few days we can all get behind. All the names mentioned so far (except Kiffen) would be fine with me.

LANE KIFFIN! Recruiting would skyrocket up

Venables is the next Lincoln Riley or Kirby Smart. Go get Venables. He has NC game experience at OU and Clemson and will attract top assistants.

That’s who I’m pulling for. Though the concern of lack of HC experience is merited, there are two coaches that are in the playoffs that were coordinators just 1-2 years ago. So getting a hungry up and comer might be the best thing for us.

i did not realize we had the recruiting prowess and prestige like uga and oklahoma…

He’s the guy. It will come out tomorrow.

We don’t, I’m just saying it’s not crystal clear that a good up and comer won’t be successful here.

smart and riley inherited great teams. venables would have to build it from scratch. uga and oklahoma have top 5 recruiting classes every year. if arkansas ever gets a top 5 class it is because we are cheating.