Makes you wonder

I wonder why it has become expectable for article with abbreviations for profanity and the profanity itself to put on our website by SB Nation. Makes the writer look pretty unprofessional.

If it’s here on this site, I’m surprised that Clay Henry hasn’t take it down. He definitely has board rules that cover profanity and abbreviations of same. They are not allowed. If it is here and is offensive to you or your family give Clay a call or shoot him an email and let him know about it and where it’s posted.

It’s acceptable because of the passage of time. This is not your grandfather’s time nor my grandfather’s time. Men and women were modest with dress, speech, and lots of other things during my grandfather time. No cursing on radio and later no cursing nor nudity on TV. Now everything is allowed except hard core porn.

Some things are either legal to use now or or widely accepted based solely on personal preference. Police just look the other way as long as it’s deemed “recreational.” Unless you’re operating a vehicle. Former president even gave change a nod by reducing sentences for some things in his last couple of years in office.

Army (I think) is speaking of Arkansas Fight on SB Nation which is different

It was on the Arkansas Razorbacks page Or the SB Nation Arkansas page which is called Arkansas Fight?

Just type in Arkansas Razorbacks
You will see the article

In case you are a seeker, hard core porn is in fact readily available for free on most modern TV’s today. While I will not elaborate on the sites or the hows,m I will state the means. Most new TVs have Web Browsers. My Samsung SUHD is actually faster than by desktop so having a 65" screen with that quality is an advantage. Hard to block every site on the internet but you can basically stream anything you want these days. Other options use other devices like fire stick or roku.

Your point is correct in it’s intent, but on bulletin boards context should be the law. i.e. if POTUS calls sports players suns of animals then it is irresponsible IMO for the media to not publish what he actually said and even worse for bloggers that are presumed adults to discuss the same. Again, context is everything and should be the law.

Well, I’m not that seeker. For what it worth, sex for me has always been a participation sport.

Apparently, I’m well behind the times of modern TV and Internet, but that’s OK, too.