Does anyone but me think it is time to stop paying homage to NR and get rid of MA?

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his own soul?

Hunter needs to go get Kelvin from Houston.

I’m glad that’s not my job to make the decision. If it were my decision I wouldn’t fire him!
What I would do is

  1. Look at the staff and ask him to make changes.
  2. Evaluate the roster and talk to him about his plan for roaster management
  3. See is there’s anything I can do to help him
  4. Give him some sort of target to achieve next season.
  5. You really can’t do much on recruiting but see if your targeting the needs of the team.

Firing CMA won’t fix the problems.

Army…I would think that’s the exact conversation they had last year at the end of the season.

No I doubt it. Last year wasn’t the year this was supposed to be the year with Perry and Gafford together.
Hall’s transfer, Garland never being medically cleared to play and the $$ flip of Perry to Miss St ruined this year. Next year is dependent upon getting some bigs to go along with the youth on the team.

I’d rather be in our spot with our record than some of the others basketball programs waiting on the hammer from the FBI and NCAA.

Keeping players on campus will be critical for CMA. Those players Joe, Jones, Chaney, Sills, Emery-Simpson
And if Gafford comes back!

You don’t fire a winning coach. Ask yourself the question who would come here and if you would want them?
CMA didn’t need to come to Arkansas he was offered and we needed him and he came!
Maybe it time for basketball to use a few football players to play hoops too!

And what shall it profit a major university if they hire a high-dollar head coach at an exorbitant salary and watch the team tank anyway? :frowning:

Please note; - - I called no names.)

For those expecting a continuous year after year improvement in the won-loss record and improvement in the tournament, there are obviously factors at work that can cause a slip backward before moving forward again. Haters know that but jump on it at every opportunity anyway.

Here is a scenario for you. Let’s say Billy Donovan’s agent calls HY, and says he is tired of the NBA and wants back in college. If there was an opening at Arkansas he would be interested. Would you turn down interest from Donovan and perhaps give Mike an extension?

I’m not a Billy Donovan fan! We have our coach right now. CMA is the head coach I still have loyalty to him as long as he is the Head Coach.
Do you think Donavan could recruit any better in the toxic recruiting environment filled with pay to play?


I wish to preface this post by saying that I am not advocating for the firing of CMA. The question of whether CMA should be retained or terminated is beyond my purview to knowledgeably answer.

I DO know, however that - over the course of these more than seven decades of my life thus far, - - I’ve known many an eatery which managed to sharply upgrade both their cuisine AND their customer base clientele numbers by firing their cooks and hiring new ones.

Granted, that’ may not ALWAYS be the appropriate solution; - - - but - - many times, - - - it IS. :expressionless:

A coaching change isn’t the answer, at least not entirely. It’s a bit of a catch 22. Unfortunately, at this point there seems to be no other option. A culture has been established and it’s not one that is or will resonate with recruits. Too much in the way of missed recruits (Malik Monk) and poor overall recruiting combined with inconsistent play has created an image of a program in decline. That may be somewhat undeserving but it doesn’t change the fact that image is everything and right now the image outside of Fayetteville is not a good one. What’s worse, that image is being overshadowed by a far more damaging force…irrelevance. Forget this season, let’s look at the last twenty years. There have been opportunities for program growth and post season success yet somehow it all died on the vine. After eight years there should have been at least one solid final four run, not to mention year to year momentum and growth.
An immediate reboot is in order or there’s a real chance for that the Razorback BB program will become an also ran. This isn’t an indictment of Coach A or his staff, it’s simply the truth. From where I sit there’s no way to turn things around without making a coaching change. That is unless the fan base, university officials and coach A himself are willing to go all in over the long, long haul. That will never happen so let’s look at the obvious yet difficult decision at hand. Waiting any longer will have other unintended consequences as well. Right now Arkansas is a solid destination for top tier coaches and players alike. That is rapidly changing and there’s simply not enough of a championship pedigree surrounding the program to sell recruits on the rebuilding a champion pitch. Most kids don’t care about that anyway, they want to be where the lights shine bright and winning is a given.
A major overhaul isn’t necessarily in order…YET.

First post in a very long time. I am old school not a me type person and am interested in the positive advancement of our Hogs.
This is Mike Anderson’s 8th year, we must all accept the truth or truths. I wanted Bill Self years ago when the whole mess blew up with Broyles and Richardson. I am not voicing my opinion of the termination of Richardson but I believe our Hogs should have won the 1995 NC and I firmly believe we could have won many more but social and racial politics and clashing personalities prevented our success. The circus of Head Coaches following Anderson hurt Arkansas for so many years.
I was excited about Anderson finally coming to Arkansas in 2011, fully believing MA would bring in the same type of HogBall coached by Richardson while MA was an assistant for 17 years. That hope plus the success MA had at UAB and Missouri made most of us convinced we had our Man.
Eight years later, I firmly believe it is time for a change for the Arkansas Razorbacks Head Coach of Men’s Basketball. I know we have the youngest team in College BB but we only start 1 Freshman, many teams start 3 or more. I know we lost 72% of our scoring from last years team. I also know losing Reggie Perry to Ms State hurt us so much, with him playing for us, we not be having this discussion. But IMO, the real issues are Lack of Defense, Lack of Scorers and no help for Gafford. We play D about 35% of the game, that is not MA and NR’s game, any one of us can name 8-12 games lost due to lack of D. We only have 2 scoring threats. Gafford and Joe. the opposing defenses have 2 defenders on Gafford, sometimes 3, Joe is very good, again, very good shooter, as proven by his 3 point record at Arkansas. But no consistent scores after those 2. And Gafford has been physically beaten up every game. I predicted he could be the best ever to play basketball at UA. I can only hope he will come back for his sake as well as our BB’s team sake.
As we are sitting on a 15-14 record and playing an 0-16 SEC record Vandy tonight, I expect a W, and a L to Alabama Saturday. That will make our season record 16-15. That might be acceptable to a first year coach but Not an 8th year HC.
I still like MA but we cannot accept mediocrity in our Basket Ball Team, we all endured that with our former FB coach. I know, I know, we lost more last year than ever before but I firmly believe Morris and Company will turn the FB program to winners as early as this coming season.
I am expecting many to disagree with me but this is for opinions- some based on intelligence, others on arrogance.

Then run him off for improper contact with recruit. You can Kelvin!

Anybody that is still supporting MA, I definitely disagree with you and frankly your wrong. Every year there is an excuse given, Scholarships, Youth, kids that transferred out. Smh, All excuses. Why does he get so many passes??
It’s been 8 years, he’s made tourney 3 times and our program is regressing not progressing. We were terrible this year and next year Gafford is gone and only have the remaining players because we have absolutely 0 game changing recruits. And from what I hear, more current guys are transferring out as well.
Why?? Cause just like the others, they get there and realize there are no plays, there is no coaching. Just an outdated system that will never get you that far in tourney. As yes that is fact we don’t run plays, Ever. Even Portis recently was quoted as saying the adjustment to NBA was more difficult because at AR we didn’t run plays.
He constantly has missed on the game changing in state recruits too. Ship has sailed its been 8 years, we’re getting worse. If you can’t see that your blind and obviously are arguing out of heart not with your brain.

One man’s opinion:

When a large enough proportion of the fan base becomes disenchanted with the program to the point that it definitely bears evidence in the bottom line statistic ($$$), The Powers That Be will inevitably make a move to mollify the fan base and retrieve the revenue being lost. It works every time.