Lunney and Jefferson

I actually think they had the right strategy to compete and win long term. You have to run the ball extremely well, have no penalties or turnovers, and have a good defense. Problem is Arkansas’ Defense has talent, a lot of talent actually, but the coaching is terrible. They competed hard last night, just overmatched, and obviously LSU had a lot more to play for. They played hard, despite having a lot going against them. LSU obviously has one of the top QB’s in the nation, if not the top. He may go #1 overall to Cincy.

I think young Jefferson has a few things to learn about competing. That starts with doing everything you can to keep a drive alive. Two mind numbingly bad plays by KJ really hurt us and may have caused his teammates to question his will to win.

I question Jefferson’s decision making. I couldn’t believe
his slide/sit on my butt move up the middle when a first
down was there for the taking. Move the chains, run more
plays and we might have scored before half time or at least prevented LSU from their score in the final seconds
of the half. I swear it seems like spotting our opponent
morale boosting score just before halftime is in our playbook, at least we have been ‘good’ at doing so.
I don’t even want to remember the sacks, some dear in headlight moments there also.