Luke Jones

I am an old-timer Razorback fan and if Luke wants to be at Notre Dame then I’m at least glad that he has informed the Razorback new coach of that decision early. That’s likely the reason of the offer to the OL from Memphis. I’ve respected the Notre Dame football tradition but never cared for ND as a team. The ND program still gets promoted as elite by the media and certainly they have a lot history behind that image but they have not been that elite for several years. Here’s hoping the new staff makes the image of the Razorback program be elite in the minds of future Arkansas HS players so they will stay here.

Don’t we have a home and home w the Mighty Irish starting in 2020? :sunglasses:

Well, We’ll be able to see how good they are when they play an SEC Bowl Game Jan 1st against LSU.

I hope LSU Win’s, cause I’m an SEC Fan, but I expect it to be a Hard Fight. I hope it’s a Good Game versus a blow out either way.

Hopefully Arkansas will be in an SEC Bowl Game next season, and if they do, I hope Arkansas will win and start getting some respect back. It will take time, but it’s a great time for Arkansas to get back in the Fight.

Honestly, wish the kid well.
However, don’t think Arkansas fans need to waste time on Arkansans that are called and don’t step up and answer the call (Hog Call).
Like A Goodwin, K Allen & M Monk don’t give them a free breakfast, lunch or dinner anywhere in the State they’ve turned their backs on. They deserve everything that the generous people in Kentucky, Florida and Indiana want to give them, but not a darn thing from Arkansans.
At a time when these young men could have made a difference to a Program that they all stated at some point that they had been a fan of all of their lives ultimately they took what they may perceive as the more glamorous option and shun their Home State Razorbacks.
They’ve made their beds now let them sleep.

It took many years for Razorback Fans to warm up to Keith Jackson after he chose Oklahoma over Arkansas and it worked out for him on the field. He will never be revered in his home state the way he could’ve been had he chosen to be a Razorback. His professional career and draft status would have been the same no matter which University he had played. Sure, some will say he couldn’t have won a National Championship at Arkansas, we’ll never know what his being a Hog would have done for those Hog teams by having the best TE in the country.
Thus far, his kids haven’t been able to make up for his choice to snub the Hogs perhaps that will change, hope so.

Go Hogs

I agree that it took years for most fans to warm up to Keith Jackson. However, I respect him as much as most any Razorback. He has earned it.

There is still a considerable amount of disagreement with your last sentence. I’m not taking a potshot here; but - - as in the case of Nolan Richardson, - - some of us longtime Razorback fans have deeply-etched and non fading memories. We don’t forget.