Luke Ford

Looks like Hogs lost Luke Ford. He will probably end up playing against the Hogs if things go as predicted. Maybe he will have a change of heart and come back into the fold. Looks like the Tide has turned up recruiting since they only had two commits.

It’s just hard to recruit against Alabama. Their championships breed good recruiting which breeds championships which breeds recruiting… And that’s before you get to their tremendous facilities, etc. Thank goodness they only get 25 scholarships. And occasionally they do miss.

Hopefully Luke will realize no one in the SEC uses TEs quite like AR. Even OJ Howard was not putting up numbers like an AR TE and who can name LSU TE’s from last season? (maybe someone can but I can’t think of any names that stood out).

Using multiple sets with multiple TEs on the field at once he would get plenty of opportunity to play at AR and be a big part of the offense if he can produce. Hopefully he finds his way back to the HILL but I can’t fault him for wanting to take as many visits as possible to some fun schools. WOO PIG!!

I hope the kid becomes a hog, he and his family have been class throughout. If he chooses to go elsewhere so be it.

Woo Pig!

I don’t think we will be seeing him again bama kissed his butt real good and compared him to gronk

Hard to see him coming back but in recruiting I never rule anything out.

We are currently stacked at TE and may have a 5 star (Henry) coming in next year. Bama has a whole lotta nothin on it’s TE roster. Only prob OJ Howard came in the same class (#1 TE) as Hunter Henry but since Bama does a crap job of featuring and developing TE he had to wait until this year to go pro. Mr. Ford should ponder that quandry.

I agree but it’s Bama

He will figure it out when Baby Henry is in the same draft class as he is. Leaving as a junior like Hunter, while Luke is a a senior with a championship or two, but no major individual accomplishments, with less than 1000 career receiving yards. Less quality TE experience, but maybe he prefers the championship. I personally would rather gain quality knowledge that would help prolong my career where it matters, and maybe win a championship in the NFL.
Hudson hopefully will follow in his brothers footsteps and put himself in line for the Mackey.

A quick look at both d path charts at TE for Arkansas and Alabama shows that the Hogs currently have 8 TE’s and Alabama 5.
The fact that we have most of our guys except highly regarded #1 Juco TE Patten among the mix it could be that Luke Ford may feel the the simple numbers and odds are in his favor to look elsewhere, perhaps he doesn’t want to have to much competition for playing time.
When you look at the analysis of Alabama’s top 3 TE’s are a blocker, one that does a bit of blocking and receiving while the # 3 guy was recently moved to TE from running back.
We have plenty of alert at the TE position with most having been in the system for at least a couple of years.
So, I won’t worry whether Ford decides to become a Razorback or not.
I would rather bolster the O and D lines so that we can run and protect on offense and stop the run and get after opposing QB’s defensively.

Go Hogs!

I leave tomorrow for The Opening. Plan to talk to Luke Thursday.

Thank you Richard.