As usual, soft defense. Not going to be a happy ending, versus a team that’s 1-10 in conference.

LSU leading at the half for the first time since mid January…we can make any team feel good. Pathetic.

Hope I wake up in the morning and find out we won. Sleep is more important.

If you would have watched they did win. Actually looked pretty good on defense for the second half. They ran a little offense too

We started the run when he quit watching, maybe if he doesn’t watch anymore we can win out

Actually he lurched back to his cave when Arkansas got up by 7. When Manny made his 3 it was more than poor oink could bare. Better luck next time, oink… goodnight.

I vote he doesn’t watch.

Wow, it’s exciting to know that I can have a bigger impact on the game than the head coach. It’s not surprising, just disappointing.

I’m glad the Hogs picked up the win on the road, but this is not a game that will impress the NCAA selection committee. In order to do that, this team needs to beat either South Carolina or Florida on the road and I don’t see them winning either game. They could very well drop 1 or 2 of their remaining home games too. This team has been up and down all season long and the coaching has been suspect at best. The Hogs have been ineffective in their half court offensive sets and downright atrocious on defense all year. I like Coach Anderson and he seems to be a really nice guy, but after 5 years of mediocrity… it’s time for a change. The extremely low attendance at Bud Walton Arena would seem to indicate a change is needed…