LSU Game Thread

4 down territory the rest of the game I say

LSU usually have superior players but today they look so much better that we don’t even seem to be in the same ballpark. It doesn’t matter what plays the coach calls, LSU is just that much better.

What else can the coach do. Almost every pass by AA looks it could be an interception.

Agreed, AA has looked very average tonight. I think he is a great QB, just don’t have it tonight.

They hit Reed long one time. I listen to the game on radio as well. They said Reed is a mismatch for the LSU secondary speed wise and has been open often. Reed long would have looked good right after that punt fumble recovery instead of handing it to Williams for two yards. Being totally predictable every first down sure didn’t help AA to get in his rhythm against the LSU defense.

Ugh that was a terrible pass by AA. Get you head up young man, these days happen. 2 more games left and we will finally, finally be favored in both.

Very poor effort. No fire. Is Allen hurt? Where is his accuracy?

A 10-3 season record with a bowl win would have been breaching the ceiling of mediocrity. How could we be foolish enough to think that would be accomplished in Bielema’s fourth year? I am beginning to think it is foolish to ever expect anything beyond mediocrity with Bielema. These up & down extremes of team performance are just his SEC trademark.

Where is the penalty? We get 15 yards for pushing the QB out of bounds and they are tackling our player way out of bounds.

10-3 is mediocrity to you, lol wow. Name an Arkansas coach who has not had these kind of games?

If we finish out 9-4 with a bowl win, I don’t see how that is mediocre.

That comment refers to a 10-3 season as being better than mediocrity. Sorry that interpretation was lost to you. Bielema has these type games over & over every damn season. My naming past Hog coaches that had ONE such game would mean nothing in reference to Bielema.

Bielema hasn’t got 9-4 yet. Playing like they did in 2 of the last 3 games will never get it.

We were competitive in every game last year but in every loss this year, we were dominated. Bielema needs to make changes but I know he won’t. Smith has underperformed as DC but we really don’t have the talent to compete. Our DL has the size of some teams LB’s.

I don’t fully buy the lack of talent sermon you preach. We did alright against Florida who we somewhat knocked out of the SEC East lead. We will see how Florida soon does at LSU. These coaches are too conservative both offensively & defensively and the team consistently performs poorly as if losing all motivation when things within the game do not go their way. This team seems to have a very fragile psyche. A somewhat strange field personality defect for a supposedly macho football squad. That is 100% on coaching.

Like I said before, last year was the year we should have gotten 10 wins. But early season woes cause us not to reach it. This year is a rebuilding year in many aspects. Next year we should take another step forward.

I don’t buy your rebuilding philosophy. This team will lose a whole lot on defense and much of the top tier in the receiving corp. If this year is rebuilding, so will be next year. How can we therefore logically expect any better from Bielema next year? What you say does not alibi this bad football.

Allen was off from the first play. Every throw was either a couple of seconds too late or short. It was almost like he had the flu or something. He looked bad physically and mentally.

I do think we win the last two and then probably go to a winnable bowl game. But, something is just rotten on defense. I mean, I think Smith knows defense; the guy’s a professional. But, when the kids repeatedly make the same mistakes, there has to be something wrong at the top.

This program is in such a defensive rut. It’s becoming almost unwatchable. Why do they keep leaving their feet when they tackle? They look like t-shirts getting shot out of a potato gun. If you hit someone with one unexpectedly, you might knock 'em for a loop, but if you see it coming, you just knock the damn thing out of the way–more a nuisance than dangerous.

My Christmas list will include a soon-to-be fired coach in Texas for our new defensive coordinator. I think we need a splash hire to at least jump start the defensive recruiting. I’m fine with him leaving after only two years or even one.

The Arkansas defense gave up 390 yards rushing to LSU compared to 12 yards rushing given up rushing to Florida last week. This defense gave up 443 yards historic rushing numbers against Auburn the game before Florida.

Differences in opponent RB’s & O-Lines do not begin to explain these type extremely screwy up & down defensive performances by the Hogs. The team just looks motivationally deficient. That is all that can explain these poor defensive performances and that is all on the coaching.

We absolutely should be a stronger team next year. If you look at what we have returning it sets up for a season where we take a step forward.

  1. AA will be a senior and will be a top 3 QB in the SEC.
  2. The backfield will be loaded with more experienced RBs in RW, Whaley, and Hammonds.
  3. Our O-Line will have more experience and should be better than this year.
  4. Yes we do lose 3 of our top 4 WRs, but we do have Cornelius and young players like Pettway and Stewart to fill those roles. Also we have tons of TE depth to spare.
  5. On Defense we return 14 of our top 22 depth chart.
  6. Our most talented players on D will be returning with players like, Ramsey, Greenlaw, Agim, Harris, Eugene, Pulley, Ramirez, Liddell, Capps, Jackson, Beanum, Tutt, and Tolliver.