LSU Game Thread

AA doesn’t seem as sharp and for that matter the whole team is not playing as well as last week. However, it is hard to be up two weeks in a row, but maybe part of it is LSU. I still have hope but not much. Win or lose, I will be satisfied if we don’t get outscored in the second half.

Well a TD would have been huge there but give it to Keys that was just a big time play by a freak. Must keep momentum going and ramp up the Defensive intensity.

That helped. It would have helped a lot more if we has scored a touchdown. A good thing is we stopped LSU.

What a BS call… ridiculous

How is it we get called every freaking game for some sort of questionable personal foul?
Both his feet were in bounds when the defender pushed him!

In the SEC you need players and to get players you need good recruiters. It’s obvious that LSU has both and we don’t!

That killed us. The game is over. It is only a matter of how many points LSU wins by.

I live here in Louisiana, the talent level in this state is incredible. LSU never has to leave the state to field a dominate team.

AA just does not have it tonight

We can’t seem to attract elite players in order to compete in the SEC. We have a lot of players come visit but just can’t get them to sign. I want Bielema to fire Smith and hire Butch Davis as DC.

And our offensive play calling is basically, run on 1st, get 2 yards and then shotgun passes on 2nd and 3rd.

Literally needing three TD’s getting late in the third quarter and not clicking offensively. It just does not look good for the Hogs at all.

That is the main difference. LSU has a larger, much better recruiting base.

I’m starting to miss the impartial officiating of the SWC.

Say it again, the INT that lead to LSU going up 14-0 is the play of the game. Put us in our heels and we never got in sync offensively.

Bielema is just too dang conservative. They should have went deep right after that fumble recovery on the punt. Instead a run for two yards. Just pitiful logic on the play calling.

Prayers for that young man.

LSU’s o-line is just getting away with murder.

Dang it have to head out can’t watch the end.

Once again, run on first, shotgun the rest of the way. Come on Enos, get with it dude.