LSU Game Thread

Well this game could not start any worse. AA does not look good in the first quarter.

Need something good to happen for the good guys

Defense needs to force a turnover to spark our O

Per the moneyline, at the start of the game, Arkansas has a 28% chance of winning. Now it is less than 10% and likely about 5%.

So much for LSU needing a QB. This is AUB embarrassing

This is bad

Now a 4% chance of winning (1 in 25).

We can run on LSU but AA has to get it together on this drive.

Comments- Wow it’s becoming ugly by the minute, the Hawgs are down by 21pts. They got to get on the scoreboard on this possession

Was that a Reed sighting?

If AA settles down we can play with LSU. Whaley has to do way better on his pass blocking assignments.

Good news, we scored. Bad news, we’re on defense again.

AA is struggling

Man our blocking is horrible

OL is not holding their blocks. Play until you hear the whistle!

Wow after seeing all the stats on the Hogs about winning 3 top 25 teams, the difficulty of the schedule, and that we have the second best record in the SEC in the last 16 games, very impressive!

Did he just say great at halftime adjustments?

The difference in the game right now is the INT. Just killed us.

The Hogs just were not clicking in the first half. They did a decent job of getting back on their feet after LSU punched us in the mouth. The TD pass to Reed broke the LSU momentum, and the defense did a good job of slowing down the LSU offense in the second quarter. We must come out and stop LSU at the beginning of the 3rd and get some points early to make this a ballgame. LSU will come out and try and end the game early!

Being down by 14 at the half is no insurmountable task to overcome in the second half. They did stop LSU several times late in the second quarter. They must get more of those stops and the O-Line must better protect AA. I blame O-Line poor play for his poor play as on that interception. That O-line is getting to be a sickening old story. Man-Up!