Louisville's AD and Basketball coach fired?

Seems to be so.

https://www.yahoo.com/sports/rick-pitin … 18078.html

Heheheheheheh…Petrino is next.

I’m more interested to see if, to avoid jail time, some of these coaches start flipping on other programs doing worse but haven’t gotten caught. In Louisville’s case, I wonder if they might have and give away information on Kentucky.

Oh my General, I had not thought of that. Mmmmm…

Coaching careers are finished for all these guys, so yeah, what have they to lose by cooperating. In time to avoid jail time or to shorten it, there will be some cooperation. Feds will let them worry for a while to ramp up the anxiety probably.

But, I expect someone, maybe more than one, will end up with significant jail time to send the message to cheaters. Will it have any bearing on what happens in the the future for “big time” programs is the question?

This will allow Rich Pittno time to fix his hair. He should have plenty of time doing the day for day sentence he deserves. There may be some former coaches that are broadcasters that may end up in this as well. Flipping won’t get these coaches very far because they have these first few red handed. Surely Greaseball and Cal will go down as well. The AD’s that hired these dirt bags to coach need to spend some time as well. Win at all cost!
We should hear more as time goes on. The agents will be the one to flip and give up a lot of other folks involved. Also the money trial from Adidas in their financial records. I hope all the big blue bloods go down in flames!

I didn’t know this till this morning, but I’m now curious about Reggie Perry. All these schools getting busted have deals with Adidas and Mississippi State has a contract with Adidas. HHHMMM

Unless he confesses, you can’t ever know unless you were in the room. But coincidental? Probably not.

Kimberli Perry (mama) was getting busted on Twitter last night and lying through her teeth (like Perry decommitted from us because MA didn’t make an in-home visit). That would be more believable if she hadn’t come up with two or three other excuses before that. Not, of course, the real reason: the Adida$ buck$ coming through Ben Howland’$ hand$. (Full disclosure: I was one of the ones busting her). One of her comments was that her son was not going to be treated like a slave. Curious choice of words, since slavery was marked by, among other things, working for no pay. Sounds like Mama was saying Junior was not going to be one of those not getting paid…

Further development: The feds have served a subpoena on Nike’s youth basketball division. The more outrageous Nike schools, like, say, one located in bluegrass country, can start sweating now.

What do you mean Mrs. Perry was getting busted?

The Twitter responses to her were contradicting her every comment. Basically she was getting trolled (and deserving every bit of it.)

I don’t have twitter, so what was she saying?

And I know it’s hypocritical since I asked what she said, but this is one of the dangers of social media. Sometimes I wonder how we ever get recruits with our fans bashing recruits.

Pretty much getting called a liar.

I hope the money trial is found and the Perry situation comes out. Holland is another slime ball ! The former coach that coach the USA team overseas is right in the middle of this too.
Parents getting cash for thier kid to play is a disgrace! Any kids purpose should be to get an education not to play ball. People have forgot or don’t care about teaching ethics or even setting a positive example for the kids. If they received cash I hope it comes out and is unable to play period and that’s for all the kids involved.
Liars can say what they want too but the good old money trail can be found if it is there. There may end up being a lot of singing going on across the country in an attempt to get plea deals that sheds a light on just how far reaching this cheating goes. I would think the financial transactions from Adidas and the agents will clearing show all the people that received the cash.
I’m proud the FBI is doing this because the NCAA is too gutless to punish the blue bloods. That’s obvious because it has taken them several years on the academic fraud on last years NCAA champs North Carolina. It’s all about money that’s clear.
I hope Adidas goes bankrupt.

Adidas is a worldwide company; their US operations are only a small portion of global revenues of more than $22 billion a year (Nike does $30 billion + a year). They’re chasing Nike in this market to be honest, and probably got a little overaggressive in that pursuit. Last year they had 11% of the US athletic footwear market; the Nike/Jordan combo had 46% combined. But they are not going bankrupt. And Nike’s hands are not going to be clean either.

As for North Carolina, UNC is fighting the NCAA every step of the way on the academic fraud stuff, basically contending that the NCAA has no business telling a university how to run its academics. That’s why things have dragged out so long.

Sports shoe trivia: Adidas and Puma, sponsor of Usain Bolt, were founded by the Dassler brothers (the “das” in Adidas) who wound up hating each other and never spoke for the last 25 years of their lives. Both companies are still headquartered in the same German town (population 23,000) where they were founded, and the local joke was that everyone walked around with their heads down to see which brand of shoe the next person was wearing. It’s like if Bentonville were not only home to Walmart, but Target as well – and Target had been founded by Bud Walton. At one time there was an Adidas butcher, a Puma butcher, an Adidas bakery, a Puma bakery, etc., etc., and if you were wearing Adidas, you didn’t get your steaks at the Puma butcher. Since both companies are now publicly traded, that rivalry has subsided.