Losing by 30!

That may be embarrassing but in some ways it’s better than losing by 1. At least there is no reason to complain about some bad call by an official or stay awake thinking we would have won if only this or only that because none of that would have mattered.

I actually agree with this. It’s never good, but it wont matter when selection Sunday comes around as long as we do our job the rest of the year

There’s plenty of games left for us to solidify our position in the tournament, we are a much better team than we showed yesterday. We have way to many fans that get way to high after a win and many fans that get to low after a loss, this is a marathon and not a sprint. We need to support the team win,lose or draw and we can point out the good as well as the bad, that’s what fans do but it can and should be done without being offensive to the team or coaches or other fans. The loss yesterday causes accusers and defenders of the program to come out with aggressiveness on both sides. But time cures all and we as fans and can only put yesterday’s game behind us and move forward to the next game and support the team. I surely enjoy reading the many different posts made here during and after games and the many different points of views and opinions of the fans that cover a wide range of differences. As of today we are still a tournament team and thats where we want to be at this time of the year, many teams out there would gladly change places with us. WPS

Watching this game reminds me of how bad our defense can be. Sometimes of late it has appeared that our defensive woes were a thing of the past, but in this game our defense was just atrocious. We could not get stops. The one bright spot: After often looking lost back in November and December, Jalen Barford is starting to look like the player we expected him to be - quick, fearless, scoring from outside, then from in close. Barford was about the only reason to watch this game. I worry that Hannahs’ three point shooting slump just goes on and on. Were he hitting three pointers at the rate he was last year, things would go so much easier for us. Ditto for Kingsley’s surprising lack of production compared to last year. He has only sometimes looked like the dominant force we expected from the SEC preseason player of the year.

i chalk this one up as a bad game by a good team. even the best teams have bad games, as evidenced by Duke’s season. with our remaining schedule we have great opportunity to finish with alot of momentum, especially if we can pull out a win in Florida or SC. i totally agree that Barford is really coming on, most of the time he looks like our best player. especially when he’s hitting from the outside. i think Hannahs will break out of 3 point slump at home vs Alabama.

It looked to me as if we were suffering from a bit of the FLU BUG. The hogs are definitely much faster than they showed Saturday. Seemed as if their feet were in concrete.

That could be; if not the Flu then some kind of virus and, if so, in a few days the players will be back up to par.