Lord almighty, that was one pathetic effort in Minnesota tonight.

20+ turnovers, no excitement, no motivation, these coaches should be working in a morgue if that’s the best they can do to motivate young men. My goodness that was one of the worst I’ve ever seen as far as effort and energy goes. Shameful performance in all phases…

Defense is terrible. All we did is split points between the new guys and the old guys. Still no teamwork, no defense. Just street ball with average talent that still can’t play on the road. Been there , done that , bought the Tshirt. Nothing new here this season

It was terrible. Looks like the same old stale product that we’ve seen before. Leave players wide open for threes. Stupid mistakes. Lackluster effort. Yawn.
Sick of it actually.

They have talent, as much as anyone but Duke and Kentucky, just extremely bad coaching… These coaches on the bench area just running some kind of affirmative action program, because clearly they don’t know how to motivate. That effort was an embarrassment tonight…

you guys who complain about coaching kill me. our coaches were seen on camera plenty of times standing up clapping their hands real fast after a bad play or saying “come on”.

Don’t get me wrong I LIKE Mike, and anyone can see he has this program headed in a positive direction, and only a fool would fire him. But I don’t lie either, that was one ridiculous coaching job tonight. That team showed know motivation or desire. 99% of coaching is making your players want to eat glass for a win… Anyone can set up a defense, call some timeouts, call a few plays. Adjust to a zone defense, against a team that struggles against zones. But motivating young men to want to fight and claw for every win, that’s what separates the men from the boys, when it comes to coaching. Tonight anyway, that effort was ridiculous… The other night at home, in the comeback win, that was effort… For whatever reason, this team has struggled to self motivate away from home.,

You are right about motivation. I remember how Richardson told his players it was him & them against the world due to race. Not to play for the fans or nobody but themselves. Richardson told them if they played for the fans they might find reason sometime not to do so. However by just playing for themselves, that would never happen. He fired his players up with those fiery oratories each game.

I remember right before Arkansas was to play UCLA in the final of the NCAA Tournament. The NCAA showed a tribute film to both teams in remembrance to Richardson’s young daughter who had died years before due to Leukemia. Of course that was a very emotional draining experience for Richardson. The Razorbacks came out flat against UCLA and were hardly competitive in losing what would have been their second straight NC.

Did this team look like the team that many said early on would make a deep run in the tournament this season ? Didn’t to me, just because you recruit well doesn’t mean the pieces will fit and gel together overnight as we saw last evening. I compare CMA & CBB as guys that will get the job done in time,but in my opinion they both have some changes that need to be made in thier systems on the field and on thier staffs to become better. My biggest kick on both of these guys are the inconsistent play of our teams, to many peaks and valleys from game to game. Both of these coaches run good programs and are genuinely good people first who I believe truly care for the players to a fault,they want to see these young men succeed in the long run. We will have to continue to be patient and supportive or we can unload them and start all over again and wake up one morning and find ourselves worse off. I say let’s be supportive but hold thier feet to the fire and let them know we expect more than what thier giving us right now ! WPS

Looks like the U of A should change its name to No Defense University. It has now spread from the football team to the basketball team. Soon we will see 5-10 errors per game for the baseball team!

I agree totally with most of your post and would never advise any fan not to support the Hogs.

However let’s look closely at the financial advantages & program expectations in Fayetteville for the coaches of our two Major Sports. We know the required release by law of these coaches financial advantages or yearly salaries. This is the latest information concerning Hog coaching salaries I could find on the internet:

Mike Anderson----$2.2 million yearly through 2020
Bret Bielema-------$4.2 million yearly through 2020

These coaches are paid that salary each year through hell or high water. The only one that knows absolutely anything about program expectations is Jeff Long. Long is also the only one that can hold any coach’s feet to the fire. The fans can do absolutely nothing as far as hot feet as long as they fully support these programs. That is all just facts.

Very good , don’t know how to reply. Can’t have it both ways I guess. Enjoyed your post, WPS and Happy Thanksgiving go Hogs

Citizenry or fans are about as helpless with these major sports programs as governmental issues. Just another modern day conundrum. Happy Thanksgiving and a Win for the Hogs on Black Friday.

Used to be way back when, good coaches with menial or large salaries would actually punish his players and teams for dismal efforts like that. By punish I mean the very next day of practice and beyond depending on when and where the next game was played, would be all about running continuous 3 man weaves up in down the court along with other fundamental drills that required long periods of agility and gut checking without so much as break. Any player complained and they went straight to running red lines or laps until coach said different.
Now I know that in this day and age and all the specific work outs / training is geared toward keeping fresh legs and bodies for game time. But basketball like most sports is more mental than physical ability most of the time. Putting that mental element of what happens when they put forth a lackluster performance at home or on the road will create accountability among themselves to step it up.
Too much pampering these days and making excuses for them. JS!