Loose balls

Watching Alabama versus Tennessee, and it is amazing how hard the Vols play. One thing I notice is how many loose balls and long rebounds they get. Only anecdotal, but I bet the teams who get the long rebounds and loose balls have a high winning percentage. I have been extremely critical of the Hogs in these areas. Seems we seldom win these battles, the best it seems we can hope for is a tie ball and we only get possession on half of these.

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The hogs played decent until the last 6 minutes!
The bone head stupid T’s and flagresnt fouls are the freebies that put points on the scoreboard for an opponent. Then add in the live ball turnovers in the last 6 minutes. They missed 7 filed goals in a row and in all started with a blown lay up by Ellis. Our hogs are not a good team and haven’t been all season long. They play to have fun and no idea how to win! They make loosing plays down the stretch of games and fall the basketball IQ to value the ball! Flush this season out of your memory bank and count this like a Stan Heath or John Pitiful coached team.

One thing that stood out to me is how many times UK scored off the inbounds pass set play.
I don’t see us doing much of that, we usually are just happy to safely get the ball inbound and then run an isolation game.

That has been a problem all season long. With this team. After you get beat on a few your opponent watches film amd they our it on where you have issues. We don’t handle a tap at all late game and cough the pumpkin up like it’s a hit potato. We foul 35 feet from the basket like our hair is on fire. Then let a player have an interstate lane to drive straight to the rim. I’m just proud this season will come to an end soon and we can all watch other hogs sports.

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