Long to Nebraska?

https://www.seccountry.com/arkansas/ark … d-nebraska

No idea about the credibility behind the story, but an interesting read, regardless.

Woo Pig.

Unless Long just wants to leave or go back to the Big 10, there’d be no point in leaving Arkansas for Nebraska.

Washington State.

That’s an interesting idea. Thanks, DD.

Apparently the president and Long don’t see eye to eye but he won’t fire him. Long must go before Bielema is fired! The fan base can’t take another year of this.

I hear you, Smash. I don’t see Bielema hanging around without Jeff Long. Where there’s smoke, there is usually fire. The next several weeks should be interesting.

What are you basing this off?

Otis Kirk wrote an article where he said according to his sources the president and Long don’t see eye to eye on some issues.

Congratulations Jeff. Any of those schools sound like great career options, you owe it to yourself and family to move on and get out of this pig quagmire you helped to create. If you need any assistance moving just call Bobby Petrino for help. Note: If he says he will help; you might want to have a secondary option available, because he may be lying again. Boo Pig and bye…

It would be absolutely wonderful if Long were to leave. Any new AD worth having would immediately have that tough conversation with Bert and we would be looking for a competent replacement to lead us into the future.

Maybe at that point, the Kool Aid drinkers and apologists could come to grips with the fact that they’ve been blindly backing the wrong guy for at least two years now.

With the ego’s that some of those guys have, they could never admit they were wrong, so the entertainment value of listening to their spin would be even more enjoyable than their admission of misguided loyalty to a coach who never accomplished a thing, and never will.

You know, I see a lot of people use the word “apologist” yet I’m not sure most of the people who use it understand what it means.


Personal degrading comments really aren’t necessary.
Please keep your posts topic oriented and not attacking other fans and their opinions.
I think we do a pretty good job of self policing posts that are out of bounds and let’s keep it that way.

I believe everyone on here knows what the meaning of the term “apologist” in this context meant. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion about the state of our Hogs wether we all agree with those many differing opinions or not.

Go Hogs!

Nebraska came after Houston Nutt, but was unsuccessful. If they come after Long, this time, I hope they are successful.

Well, first, my comment wasn’t meant to degrade but inform that the use of the word by oinkbait, as well as most people, isn’t used correctly

Second, I didn’t degrade oinkbait, he/she just happened to be the one who posted a comment I’ve seen from others as well.

Third, considering oinkbait was degrading certain fans, I find your pointing the finger at me to be lacking in what you call “policing posts.”

Fourth, I know what he meant, but it still doesn’t detract from what I stated that he misused that word.

Nebraska hired the AD from Washington State, so Long is here.

General, I don’t know how you define the word apologist. Here’s mine: "a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial. The dictionary’s as well. Judging from the earlier use of “Kool Aid drinkers” in the same sentence, I think oinkbait understands perfectly the meaning of the word apologist, as he is using it.