Long Gone, now what?

Who’s the next guy? Do they have one picked out?

Boy I hope they have someone in the folds because if Bielema goes, then we’ll need to move quickly to get a new HC as well.

If Bielema goes? You would think SURELY they have at least the AD coming and maybe a HC.

I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about Long. I think he has done a reasonable job as AD. Sure his hire of Bielema has not turned out well but at the time many praised him for a good find. My concern currently though is timing. We all know the football coach will be gone soon as well. But I think the first order of business will be replacing the AD, then that AD will be tasked with finding a new football coach. This will take a lot more time than just finding a coach alone and will put us behind the many other programs that will be searching for new coaches as well. It just adds to the level of frustration building through the year. All I can do is hope for the best for my beloved Hogs!

Question is, do we hire a new AD and have him hire the new coach or do the Admin/boosters hire the new coach?

You would think a new AD would want his guy as HC. Based on the timing of this it seems we will need an AD first and the new AD will not have time to replace CBB for another year. Or maybe the AD search is based on who the new AD can bring with them as HC.

Comments: I’m with you on that, I never thought Long was a bad AD that needed to go. Although I continue to scratch my head every time I hear Long increased BB salary and buyout. It’s one thing to extend his contract but reward him for a ridiculous wins vs losses conference record over 5 seasons make you wonder what’s gone on up there…

Yeah…go get Jeremy McClain from Troy and have him bring Neal Brown with him. Home Run.

I agree. It always sounded like he was doing a good job though some people never seemed to forgive him from being a Yankee. He hired two good football coaches that no one really thought were available and neither worked out. Will any football coach really work out at Arkansas? Hopefully, but it’s not an easy place to win staying clean.

I agree that if you are going to can Long then now is the time – get a new guy or gal in these next couple of weeks, fire CBB after Thanksgiving, and focus on getting a new coach. It’s a horrible year to be looking for a coach, unfortunately. I have a bad feeling about this.

I’ve listened to rumblings about Long over the years, though I can’t say I have major issues with him. So I’m not shocked that he’s leaving… and it seems logical to think this likely means CBB is close to follow. I’ve also not been one of those beating the drum to fire CBB. I want more success on the field like everyone else, but I am just not sure firing the coach is always the best answer. Regardless of my opinion, I get that there are people with the responsibility to make these type decisions. I will support the new regime because at the end of the day I’m a Hog fan. I just hope these folks that are making the calls have thought this through to the end and have a plan they are ready to execute at a fairly rapid pace given the timing considerations for recruiting, finding a new AD and then head coach (while multiple better openings are available). It would be very disappointing if they decided to fire Long but have not decided on the following steps. Without a well thought out plan and some flawless execution of that plan, I could easily imagine scenarios where we wind up metaphorically without a seat when the music stops.

I think someone else on another thread may have given a scenario that I’m afraid of actually occurring. They have a plan in place, but that plan may decide not to come. Then the real fun will begin.

IMHO, Bielema should have been “long gone” long before now. I was heartened by his hiring, and had truly hoped that he would be the next “Frank Broyles” in terms of longevity and effectiveness. That hope has withered and died over the course of these past two years. I truly wish CBB well; - - - - someplace else.

Rick Hart Chad Morris combo from SMU.

I have now observed - in three different threads - that both Rick Hart and Chad Morris are at SMU. I presume that information is both current and correct.

Thank you.

Gus is coming, the timing and everything going on with both universities, makes too much sense.

And I will find another program to follow.

That may not be possible - at least, for a while. It will likely be on every channel.


Oh no…it is infinately possible I did it at the end of the Nutt era and I will do it again.

Well, - - - I heard from somebody named “Peter Paul” that - - “Sometimes you feel like a Nutt; - - sometimes you don’t”.

My team loyalties are not wholly dependent upon the particular identities of the coaching staff; but that’s just my take on it. You’re free, of course, to make your own determinations.

Might be (re “…will put us behind the many other programs…”). I like what Arkansas has on the shelf. Put new plugs in that engine and lets take her on a spin around the block!