Long can't save him

Yet another lopsided loss to Auburn. Same old broken record. Played tough in the first half, and loss control in the second half. Offensive line is hopeless. Anderson is one of the worst offensive line coaches I have ever seen. He can’t even stand for the entire game for goodness sake! At some point, Long must ask himself if his friendship with CBB is worth his vaunted reputation and even his job. Long and CBB are tied at the hip. As goes CBB, so goes Long. I believe that if Long retains CBB, the fans, boosters, and contributors would raise such an uproar, that the Trustees and Chancellor would be forced to intervene and both CBB and Long would both be removed. No friendship, no matter how close, is worth a man’s livelihood. So Long will be forced to dismiss CBB no matter how big the buyout. I know some are worried about the damage that firing CBB could cause the program, but think of the damage keeping CBB hoping he find’s magic in a bottle next season. The effects on the fans, recruiting, and finances to the University could be disastrous.

in 2013 BB was 3-9, in 2014 he went 7-6, with a $1 million raise and 2 year extension, in 2015 he went 8-5, and in 2016 7-6 again and here we are after five years facing another 3-9 season? (provided we beat Coastal Carolina a FBS school) In SEC our team ranks 10th in offense and 12th in defense and 13th in kicking game. I know Jeff Long doesn’t regard Arkansas as a “win at all cost program” but it we can beat Coastal Carolina and maybe Missouri then each BB win will have cost over a $1 million based on BB’s $4 million plus annual salary. That may not be a “win at all cost” but $1 million per win sure does seem like a “win at high cost!”

Serious question: You described, as well as others, this kind of bond between Long and Bielema and why he’s not fired yet, does anybody have ANY evidence of that?

I do agree with you that at this point, unless some major turnaround in the last 5 games happens, then if Bielema is still around next year then just about everybody will be losing their marbles. But I’m one of those fans worried about the damage, more if the buyout is 15 million(which doesn’t seem to be the case now). Mostly my fear was having the funds to find a good coach for us, but if it’s small, then the hit is minor and we should be able to get someone good.

Mr. Long shouldn’t be able to SAVE HIMSELF. Fire them all. Losing at all costs IS Mr. Long’s mantra. It’s past time to clean the WHOLE HOUSE.