Little Rock Game

To change the topic of CBB a bit, I wanted to prepose a change to the Little Rock game or games. Whenever I was in school at the U or A some fifty years ago we played more games in LR. Why, Razorback statium was smaller and had no lights. The state’s population was centered in LR and it was a bear to drive to Fayetteville on old highway 71 with no passing lanes. The trip from LR was five or six hours unless you got stuck behind a truck or an accident which was almost every game. Coach Broyles was trying to build a statewide fan base so it made sense. Well, Frank is gone and it is time for us to play Arkansas State each year in War Memorial, we could split the costs and the profits. And I can guarantee you it would be a sellout every year. Plus, we now pay a Sun Belt team to play us and we could spare that costs. What do the rest of you think and why isn’t it a great idea?

Not really a benefit for the Hogs to play ASU. They already have more recruiting clout, because of their history, facilities, and conference exposure. The Hogs would be better off playing Tulsa, SMU, Houston, Louisiana schools, Florida International, FL Atlantic, USF, UCF, Memphis, and the likes, because the Hogs have to recruit these other states to fill a roster. It doesn’t benefit the Hogs like it would ASU.

Plus there is no TV market to play that game. A state with 2 Million people where mostly Arkansans are going to watch doesn’t bring in revenue for a TV promoter. They’d loss money, and the game would be a waste for both teams because they wouldn’t be making anything.

If this game was profitable and provided recognition like Texas vs Texas A&M would, then this game would be scheduled every year. But it doesn’t, and, therefore, we will only contemplate the what if’s of life, while never seeing this game scheduled.

I don’t agree with any of the bold…everyone in the state would watch; it could be televised on the one of the local Little Rock channels and make plenty of money for them from advertisers. Plus as a guaranteed sellout at the game, profits from the concessions and ticket sales would be up. Charge more for the game tickets…fans of ASU would definitely pay to see this game.

But you are right…this has been debated on here and other sites many times, and there really are not that many benefits for the Razorbacks to play. I, for one, would love to see it happen…

May be wrong, but I would think SEC Network would have the rights as they or ESPN always do, with the exception of CBS Game of the Week. Don’t think LR stations could show it on their own.

I have been a big advocate of this for awhile but good luck selling it on this board. I suspect it will happen eventually but who knows when.