Little Rock Game

I’m from Eastern Arkansas originally, attended and graduated from the U of A in Fayetteville, and have lived in Fayetteville for 25+ years. I still see value in having one game each year in Little Rock. I felt like it was a good decision to play Ole Miss there next year, as this rivalry is as good as any we have in the SEC and keeps the central Arkansas fans engaged. I also used to like when we played the day after Thanksgiving in Little Rock, as I was usually visiting my parents in Eastern Arkansas and could make that game from time to time. We can’t play the same SEC team in Little Rock every year due to alternating home teams, but we should definitely keep this game as a marquee match-up so it continues to be a game the fans look forward to and we can have a good turn-out as a result. War Memorial can be a rowdy place and tough for visiting teams, especially once Hog fans have had time to tail gate for awhile before the game. So the final point I’ll make is to make this a late afternoon or evening game because nobody has time to tailgate for morning games and beer is not my favorite breakfast beverage anyway.

I would like to see the Missouri Friday after Thanksgiving game in Little Rock, like we used to do the LSU game.

I’m torn. Like you, in my adolescent years I grew up in NE Arkansas, but my teen years in central Arkansas. The only games till I turned 16 that I could go to were Little Rock games. So I see the value for southern and eastern Arkansans to wanting to keep games in LR.

The flip side of that is WMS is an embarrassment to play a game at. Lights and audio frequently go out and even the fans seem more ticked off to be there. Other than the tailgating, a lot of the mystique of the “Miracles on Markham” are gone.

If whoever the powers at be can at least address some of the maintenance issues with WMS then I think that could alleviate a lot of issues people have.

Just my opinion.

I always said that it was a disadvantage playing games in Little Rock but I will acquiesce if they make needed upgrades to the stadium. Better restrooms, concessions and whatever the SEC requires for dressing rooms for players and officials. Playing Mizzou there every other year is a no brainer and the other years we can play another SEC game. It’s up to the state and voters now once and for all to make those changes if they really want to see Ark football in Little Rock! If not may this subject never come up again.

Playing Missouri in Little Rock is absolutely NOT a no-brainer as long as we’re playing the Aggies in Arlington. Because those years will only have two home SEC games in Fayetteville. That’s 2 lost recruiting weekends, 2 million dollars in revenue thrown away, and frankly the fans in central Arkansas haven’t done anything in about the last decade to prove that they deserve a game.

I agree with that 100% and is a point I failed to mention. Thanks for pointing that out!

I still think playing A State (even though many hate it) as the game in Little Rock (or UCA, UAPB) would be the best bet for Little Rock future games. Some things that people are complaining about is the empty seats at War Memorial. Playing A State would pack the place.

I do agree with you, the aTm game is killing us until we can get back on campus.

If the decree came down, from trustees or the Legislature, that we had to play ASU OR play in Little Rock, I’d take WMS no question. That’s how bad an idea I think playing ASU is.

LR Game?? Yeah Macon was incredible, Hogs smashed em. Unreal atmosphere

Little Rock games were always supported with louder, raucous, rowdy, and well oiled fans than Fayetteville crowds. The biggest problem with Little Rock games now are poor opponents and poor Razorback teams. .Nobody wants to watch a mediocre Razorback play a rent-a-win team. Everyone wanted to see a Petrino team or even a Nutt team play LSU and the crowds’ atmosphere was hair raising electric. Little Rock games were killed by the Louisiana Monroe John L Smith led disaster. Then Mediocre Bielemia teams that struggled to beat or lost to second rate teams was the product offered to the fans. No one likes games like that. Case in point the last 3 games at Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Give the fans of south,east and central Arkansas an attractive game and the energy of the Miracle on Markam will be there every game. Don’t forget, a good Razorback team is the foundation of great team support.

Georgia game, 2014. Announced crowd of 54,959, about 7,000 of whom came disguised as bare aluminum. Attractive game, no response.

Mississippi State game, 2013. Announced crowd of 45,198. No way the actual crowd was anywhere near that. SEC opponent. Bad Arkansas team about to go 0-8 in SEC, but that was also our best chance to win an SEC game. Not that about 15,000 who could have been there were there to find out.

I get the complaints about FCS teams in WMS, or anywhere else. But when you don’t show up for an SEC game, IMO, you lose the right to complain about what game you get next time.

I get the complaints about FCS teams in WMS, or anywhere else. But when you don’t show up for an SEC game, IMO, you lose the right to complain about what game you get next time.


You nailed it!!! No showing for the Georgia game a few years ago should have ended Little Rock games immediately! Attendance there is embarrassing. It hurts us economically and in recruiting (can’t host recruits there). It’s a no-brained for anyone that cares about he razorbacks and the interest of the razorbacks–no more Little Rock games.

The solution to the Little Rock controversy is for the Arkansas Razorbacks to play the Arkansas State Red Wolves every year in War Memorial. Forget about bringing in a SEC opponent. As someone who lives in Bentonville, I would much rather see this game played in the capitol city because it would be a sellout and interest in it would be off the charts. It would also heal the wounds around the state that have been inflicted by the controversy itself. I don’t buy the notion that U of A has everything to lose. It’s lost an awful lot already by not playing this game. The men’s and women’s basketball teams should also play at Verizon Arena in NLR too once a year. The people of Arkansas deserve this to happen!

Like I’ve stated in other posts I think War Memorial Stadium doesn’t serve the Razorbacks best interest at this date and time.
However, if the powers that be insist a game be played I don’t want to see it be an SEC game, no good for recruiting. Instead throw the state a bone and travel down to Little Rock and play a three year rotation of ASU, UCA and UAPB.
Ticket sales for this game could only be purchased through each universities ticket sales sites and final revenues would be distributed based upon percentage of sales by each University.
Hogs have nothing to fear but fear itself in playing the Little Brothers.

Of all the posters that don’t want to see an ASU vs UA FB game, not one has stated a legitimate reason. They don’t like the idea … it will split fans ( not at all ) … is all the cons I ever see posted
The Pro’s are a game like that would pack any stadium in the state. Why pay a team from outside the state 1.5 million dollars to come play the Hogs, when the last 3 cupcake teams the Hogs played in 2017 couldn’t fill the stands in Fayettville or Little Rock. So that argument doesn’t hold water. The money that UA paid the Red Wolves to play a game ( if any money is paid ) would keep that money in state.
I just can’t believe that the Hogs and U of A are afraid to play the Red Wolves. It’s not like ASU shy’s away from playing a tough opponent.
A few years ago, the Lady hogs Basketball team played ASU’s womens BB team and the game was sold out so fast it was almost impossible to get a ticket. Translate that kind on enthusiasm to a Hog Red Wolves football game

That creates a new problem and doesn’t solve the old one. We don’t need to play ASWho, any time, anywhere. It’s a lose-lose proposition, benefiting only the Pink Puppies. If we win, so what. If we lose, oh my Lord. If it’s even close, oh my Lord. We have lost NOTHING by ignoring the Jonesboro Wannabes. Remember, if we’d lost that NIT game we were obliged to play with ASU in Barnhill, Nolan would have been fired and we would not have won a national championship a few years later. That’s how much damage could have been done. And why we probably should all send a thank-you card to Cannon Whitby who saved our bacon that night.

A sellout? For women’s basketball? In this state? Not hardly.

That was then and this is now. The Nolan argument is ancient history. Games in Little Rock between the Hogs and ASU or UAPB or UCA would be compelling and healthy for the state (sellout or not) regardless of sport. This is an idea whose time has come and we should embrace it, not run from it - and I say that as an NWA guy from Bentonville.

If ark state can’t fill their stadium in Jonesboro why should we help them fill it in Little Rock.

Because it’s good for the people Arkansas. Furthermore, the Hogs have not exactly filled the stadium in Fayetteville and Little Rock on a consistent basis.