Really hoped we would make a splash then got reminded that we were just really good leverage. Hopefully the new guy can get it done but I’m afraid we are going to need to be patient because “plan b”and “plan c” aren’t bringing any top recruits with them. Whatever. WPS

We only have about 16 scholarships available and most of those are taken.

We are fast becoming the school to call for getting coaches raises.

I fully expect to hear that Kirby Smart, Urban Meyer, Dabo Swinney, and Lincoln Riley have entered their names as prospective candidates for head coach on the Hill.

Not Nick Saban, however. Saban doesn’t negotiate raises–he simply allows administrators and boosters to pay him more.

No we are just the “All the eggs in one basket” program.

Those in the hiring business should’ve done their do diligence in case Gus did in fact decide he would stay at Auburn and be ready to offer tonight the HC job to their top candidate.

As for the Scholarships, that’s a fluid number because once the new coach is announced, you could have some players decide they don’t think they will be a fit for that coaches philosophy and decide to transfer or in some cases like Jared Cornelius if a player has graduated he may opt to use the graduate transfer option and not even have to sit out a year.
Some current commitments may decide to sign with another school based on the announcement, but that same announcement may make other players take a look at Arkansas when perhaps they hadn’t under the former coaching regime…i.e. Gary Bohannon for example may feel he would be wanted more by the new coach and commit.

If you want to make a splash recruiting wise then hire Kiffin.

Agreed what so many here use as a negative…his brashness and Twitter use recruits actually love. I watched several FAU games this year and Kiffin has those kids ballin.

Yes, I believe if Arkansas wants any shot to turn things around quickly then Lane Kiffin is the guy they need to hire. He’s a lightning rod, people seem to want to hate him even when he hasn’t been part of their program.
He would be able to get into recruiting circles that I believe others on our list simply couldn’t do in short order, but you always have to wonder about how things will be done and could he end up getting the program in trouble. Who knows?
Is the gamble worth the risks or rewards that could come from a hire like this?
We have historically always gone the comfortable route and what seemed to be the safer route when hiring our Head Coaches so if we do that once again then it will definitely not be Lane Kiffin.

Whom ever it ends up being I wish him much success.

Can we let the poker hand play out before we throw in the chips? There are three names in the hat … and I like all three better than Gus (i crossed him off last week). Defense wins championships. Look-see what GA did to Auburn’s vaunted offense. Look for a defensive coordinator to come calling.

not having an offense doesn’t win you championships. see florida and lsu.

This is what we get if we get Kiffin https://youtu.be/4acayiZAHaM


Thank you! Gotta have both and an exciting offense draws recruits

We would also get this guy who seems to have matured and learmed from his past mistakes. Oh and he is one of the best Offensive minds in College Football and a great recruiter.

http://www.espn.com/college-football/st … ow-winning

Saban has the same agent as Gus. And Kiffin. And Norvell. And Morris. And you better believe Jimmy Sexton milked it for plenty of cash when Texas was casting longing eyes at Saban a few years ago.

And there is this…

https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/arkan … ent-322120

I believe all this was engineered by Sexton to get Gus a nice raise at Auburn and with us left in a precarious position without a coach, gave his other client Norvell an opportunity for a nice raise. Gus doesn’t want Sexton’s other client Kiffin to take the Ark job because he would have to compete against him. Seems unbelievable? Well maybe but it fits!!!

Honestly not unbelievable at all.