Last Chance U on Netflix. Mesmerizing and sad

If you have watched all 6 episodes you know what I mean. I thought the guidance counselor was the lone person with a redeeming character. I couldn’t believe the players academic weakness was so prevalent. I can now see why we don’t recruit MS and MS JC’s very well.

That was a great documentary series; classic case of right place and right time. It and The Undefeated are probably my two favorites about football. There are a lot of parallels between them, most notably the academic and home situations for the players.

My big takeaway:

If JF3 is Auburn’s QB, they’re staring 5-7 in the face

I agree Matt as I thought it was mesmerizing like a train wreck. It was actually well done production. I thought the Counselor was great. I have no idea how Ollie and some of his buddies got out of HS.

Yep 2009, the AU team is in trouble with that head case under center.

Thanks for mentioning this. I’ve added it to my watch list.

Wyatt Roberts was way better than JF3 for EMCC. Wyatt sat behind Chad Kelly, started in front of JF3, and now he’s just a walk on at Mississippi State. I sure wish he’d came to Arkansas.

When does season 2 start?

My guess is after this football season is over.