Lady Razorbacks are 0-4 in the SEC

Even though we have about equal talent and more depth, I expected Texas A&M to win. After all they have Gary Blair, an exceptional coaching genius that for stupid political reason was replaced at Arkansas by a far less competent woman coach.

Dykes may be an very good coach and recruiter. However, Gary Blair is cut above.

I haven’t watched the women this yr yet, but it’s pretty clear JD may be in big trouble… I know JD is a disciple of the Eddie Sutton philosophy. Eddie always had 2 great guards and always went out there and found a big dude in the paint. And it worked more times than not…

Eddie Sutton was an elite coach; certainly in the top 10 if not in the top 5. It is rare for a disciple to be as good as the master. I don’t know if JD is in trouble. He may be an average SEC coach which, without being extremely lucky, may be the best we can do.

Firing Gary Blair who took Arkansas to the final 4 and then won a national championship at Texas A&M was beyond just being foolish. Fortunately those responsible are no longer with us.

Yup. That was indeed beyond foolish. The good will that had been built up in the community and the growing crowds at games were gone and have never returned. Blair has proven to be an outstanding coach, both at Arkansas and at aTm.

Perhaps someone should submit a tip to the Roundball Razorbacks Rosies that the issue of overriding importance is NOT “how you play the game” but , rather, “whether you win or lose”. There is a deeper applicable connotation to that simple, nonsensical, deliberate misquote than one might perceive upon initial consideration.