Lack of Quality High School Talent from Little Rock

Just looking at Koilan Jackson’s and David Porter’s Hudl highlights on a relaxing Saturday morning. Lack of quality from Central Arkansas is definitely soon going to be “Fake News” Can’t wait. Koilan’s the Juice – may get on the field this year. David Porter’s the Fire. May be most underrated recruit. Finally, pressure on the quarterback. :smiley:

I don’t think the problem is lack of quality as much as it is lack of quantity of quality. Of course there are individuals with lots of talent, but the numbers in Little Rock are down, especially in comparison to NWA.

Touche! Completely agree. Two from Joe T. Robinson in one class is a good start, though, wouldn’t you agree Marty. Now that I’ve got you on the line, how’s the bird population in Arkansas these days. Don’t hear enough about these days.

I wish that I knew about the bird population in Arkansas. I’m the world’s worst shot, so my participation was always to watch the dogs work. The dog in my avatar is my young German Shorthaired Pointer, Colt. He is currently in New Mexico with a field trial trainer. He finished his bench championship easily and now we will see if he is good enough for a field championship.

I have some birds I feed daily! If your such a bad shot you can hunt mine while I’m feeding!

Good for you!! The quail population needs protection and food plots to maintain and actually grow.