Kiffin to miss Thursday’s regular coaches show

Reported just a few minutes ago on the Paul Finebaum Show during a segment with Fox Sports Reporter, Bruce Feldman.
Speculation from the two of them that Lane is missing his weekly coaches show because he is most likely meeting with another AD/University after meeting with Arkansas on Sunday.
Bruce Feldman did say that if Lane was to accept the Arkansas job he would be able to make the program relevant again through his recruiting and ability to coach and assemble a staff.
I guess we will have an answer on Kiffin no later than Sunday.

Go Hogs!

Hear he is meeting with Ole Miss tonight.

Your team is playing in a championship game on Saturday and your out interviewing for another job on Thursday night. What kind of coach would do that? What kind of message does that send? Is that someone you really want heading your program? Because if he will do it to them, he will do it you too.

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