Kick off returns

Is it me or does Deon Stewart not understand the concept of how to return kicks? He runs like he is scared…

Last year an Alabama player stripped the ball from him like he was a junior high player. This last game the kick off fumble was just as bad. It is time for someone else to try kick off returns.

Compare the kick off returns and punt returns to the field goal issue. Stubborn coaches that have their mind made up.
We won’t see any changes there either.
Without an emphasis being put on special teams we will not see a kick off return or punt return for a TD.
The Alabam game last year was a game of give aways. We gave Bama points and they did not need any help.
Special teams can win balls games when you work it into your game plan. Our return yardage is nonexistent.

I don’t expect things to change much do to the fact that the coaches are overwhelmed with so many other areas that need immediate attention. But your 100% correct about lack of return yardage, I’m sure we will see someone else returning kicks after the Stewart fumble. There will be a lot of questions answered in the A&M game which now is a must win the way I see it. WPS

Cornelius or Haden. They have an instinct and vision to see. With Deon you can have All the speed in the world but you have to know hat to do with it…

The way I see it, as a kick returner you have to have great instincts, great hands and be able to get north and south behind your blockers and then protect the ball, because turnovers on kickoffs really changes momentum and usually leads to short yardage drives for the opposing team which most often leads to points quickly that they shouldn’t have gotten.
I have looked at his returns through the first two games and I agree he looks tentative and probably a bit shy of taking a big hit and you simply can’t play with that mentality.
I would definitely be looking at giving an opportunity to guys such as TJ Hammonds, Jordan Jones and Hayden.

Go Hogs!


Normally, instead of running, he should take a knee in the endzone. Kickoff returns at Arkansas are seldom much past the 25 yard line, but often much less.

After 3 years of Felix Jones and 4 years of Dennis Johnson… it hasn’t been the same since… I like the idea of Chase HAYDEN returning kicks… special teams change, create, and swing momentum.

It would be nice to see the hogs get a return for a TD.

I see no change on the kick-off return :idea: prove me wrong about Deon…