Kentucky showed EXACTLY why their Freshman will be in the NBA, and our SR's will be struggling in a development league.

Kentucky came in and just proved they were tougher, completely owned the glass all night. If they missed a shot, they almost always got a second shot, or even a 3rd. Kentucky just said, we’re tougher, we’re going straight to the hole. Which is why they will be playing in the NBA, and our SR’s will struggle to make a developmental team, or a team in Europe.

And one thing is for sure. Arkansas has never had a WAR REBOUNDING DRILL A DAY IN THEIR LIVES. That team is the worst rebounding team in history, it’s kinda funny they’re so bad.

I have to disagree with the last paragraph, since our average in rebounds is up this year compared to last year or even two years ago. I don’t have the stats from last year in front of me, but I think we averaged 30-32 rebounds last year and are averaging 35 this year.

Dude, OBVIOUSLY that was hyperbole, not to be taken literally. I have to explain this? LOL…

You should say what and mean what you say. If you didn’t mean it, that was not obvious. We are not mind readers.

Silly statement although my guess is your were just using hyperbole.

They’ve had them this week.

I get the frustration at the lack of rebounding against Kentucky, but they whipped Texas A&M.

Macon had 26 points.

While he may not play in the NBA for a career, I’m sure he will get a look.

Odds are both he and Jaylen Barford will flourish in Europe and make a lot of money doing so.

If I have to actually explain this isn’t the worst rebounding team in history, not even close, I’m talking to a rock, so it doesn’t really matter.

It’s not about individuality, it’s about winning the game!

Kentucky has the the best players money can buy. It will end up a vacated win in the records books as well as every game Kevin Knox plays in this year. That’s no consolation for the loss.
The hogs outrebounded the best rebounding team in the SEC that’s Texas A&M. So don’t imply it is an ongoing issue. The Hog are not a great team and they fail to play good defense! It’s simple they were wore out and played out of control too much of the game and lost!