Keep Your Regular Physical Exams

Fellow Hog fans I’ve been battling cancer over the past 4 years. It’s extremely important to stay on top of your health and listen to doctors and nurses. Surgery number 3 is set for February 2. So far to this point I have been blessed by God and each time they have found a spot of cancer they’ve found it early and it’s been removed without any complications.
I lost a fellow Christian brother Thursday whom was diagnosed the same month 4 years ago as I was!
The last few years I’ve appreciated the little things in life a lot more and appreciate just waking up and having another day.
God bless you all and I hope and pray that we can all live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God. If there’s any one on this board I have offended I ask for your forgiveness ! We all come to the. Board to check on our hogs and hope to see them win! At some point I realized that playing the game with respect and integrity is just as important as the final score! I don’t want to win at all cost like LSU, Kentucky, Kansas, Arizona and many others.

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Glad to hear your cancer so far has been treatable. I agree that exams are the way to go and glad so far yours has been local.

I also agree, age and physical condition makes the actual score less important.

Praying your surgery goes well and your cancer is eliminated. I lost an old college roommate a year ago to cancer. He was a great Razorback fan and we sat together many years cheering for our beloved Razorbacks. Keep your faith. :pray::pray::pray:

Chin up army and keep us updated as you wish.
Fully agree with the win at all costs attitude. If we can’t do it the right way, it will never feel right cheating to win.

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