Seriously, if he wasn’t trying to lose today, then that’s the dumbest football coach in America… If he accepts both holding penalties, it makes it a 37 yard FG attempt, or maybe if the Defense makes a play or two, even more.

Oh come on, he’s a good man

I would wholeheartedly disagree with that assessment, for a multitude of reasons, not going to get into all of that, he’s gone, and that’s that…

No point in trying to convince anyone to the contrary at this point about the loss of this good man. He does in fact leave the program in better shape than when he came here.

Time is a commodity not afforded an SEC coach regardless of the condition that he finds a program in upon arrival. I think he has built a good foundation for a future head coach. Mr Long knew this and it wouldn’t surprise me to find it was his refusal to fire CBB that lead to his dismissal.

I love the Hogs, they represent my home state, however if my grandson should find himself in a position to play for CBB or the Hogs, I would have to remain silent.

As far as grades go, that has improved, as far as winning goes, that’s debatable, very debatable… The recruiting honestly is non existent next yr https://247sports.com/Season/2018-Footb … erence=SEC Only in front of Ole Miss who’s suffering infractions and coaching changes. So whoever Arkansas hires will have a very tough job recruiting right out of the gate. Arkansas will have an inexperienced QB with legal troubles, and almost an entirely new secondary. If Arkansas can finish at .500 in SEC play next yr, it will be a successful yr, and that will be a stretch… Gus will have his work cut out for him, this isn’t Auburn he’s coming into…