K.J. Jefferson commits to Arkansas

I honestly don’t know much about him. Can anyone fill me in on him.

Go over to the the recruiting board or football board and you can get filled in pretty good! His high school coach calls him a winner!

Excellent article and analysis presented today by Dudley Dawson. K.J. Jefferson seems to be the real deal and should excel in a Chad Morris offense.

Can’t wait.

Go Hogs.

This young man can do it all very well. We are blessed to land him.

It will be interesting to see if any of the current QB’s are used as athletes at other positions on offense or defense this coming year. This year’s two new QB’s plus Jefferson may turn out to be all we need for a period of time. We will start the year with our spring leaders, but I will not be surprised to see a changing of the guard later in the season if one of the two starters does not really step up and have a breakout season. We will have the offense, but who and when will someone be prepared to step up and really take it over?