K Garland?

Come on guys, what is going on here? Is this a serious issue with Garland or is there a very good chance he will be able to practice soon? I don’t like this silence!

Well, Anderson says it’s an on-going health issue, that he has not been cleared to practice. And hopes he will not have to red shirt. Probably about all you’re going to get.

with Garland’s health issue and Cook’s suspension that gives us low numbers heading into season. Cook is more a role player, but i would assume big things were in store for Garland being a consensus top 100 player coming in. it would be a disservice to him to speculate what his health problem is, i just hope its not serious(life threatening) for the young man and at some point he can resume his career.

Stop and think…It could be all about the A B AND C’S D’S AND F’S

I don’t think it’s about ABC’s. If that were the case he would not be allowed to be in team activities period.

In regards to Cook once the legal issue is over we see how MA handles that it.

One thing for sure MA will do what’s best for the Kids and the program.

I agree