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Miss St. lost to UK. So if the Hogs lose to Miss St. what will you Bert defenders say?

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The Hogs beat Ole Miss and Ole Miss just beat aTm. I guess I don’t grasp your point here. By your logic, we are better than aTm?

The problem with wrestling with pigs is you both get all slimy and covered in crap and only the pig likes it.

Why not wait until that happens and then ask? You act like you’re worried that won’t happen and you will lose your chance do what you live for, more complaining about CBB. I will be happy to give you an answer when your desired loss for the Hogs actually happens. This “Bert Defender” is elsewhere until then.

I am going to get off the bash Bielema bandwagon for a couple of weeks with this post. Just sit and hope for the best. However the everything is just rolling along smoothly in progression to much better things crowd is wrong. This year has a severe washout of the road however you cut it.

The last chance for a real good season disappeared with the LSU blowout. Being stuck dead last among 128 schools in yards yielded per rush with that figure being the worst since the year 2000 among Power Five schools is beyond bad. It does not even approach his past realms of mediocrity. I don’t care what this team does the next three games. Bielema needs to critically evaluate his defensive assistants at the end of the season. Not just blame specific players as his QB.

Sooooooooooo…if the Hogs win the last two games does that mean you will dress up in a clown suit and post that picture on this forum for all to see? I say “if” because there is no such thing as a gimme in college football-that’s why the games are actually PLAYED remember. Remember you said these last games mean zilch, I’m just trying to give them some more meaning for you! HOGS YA’LL.

No, you are trying to be the clown. I was just trying to put this dog to rest for a little while from my own perspective. I really actually think Bielema is a lost cause. His success in the B1G was mostly due to Yankee assistant coaches he jived fully personality wise with. No such luck in podunk good old boy old south Arkansas. He is just now trying to educate us hick rubes while he laughs all the way to the bank. He has you fooled but that is obviously very easily done.

The big test on Bielema comes at season’s end and in that regard, the last three games do mean zilch. They mean zilch because football performances like those that created the HORRIBLE STATS I somewhat detailed in my previous post still lurk in our immediate gridiron future. All that will change that future is changing those defensive assistants. I just want to wait and see if Bielema stops admiring his bank account long enough to fire worthless assistants. Like I said though, I think it is probably a lost cause. Arkansas is just too far south for him.

People usually start throwing insults when their reasoning is weak,distorted, and incomplete(season is not over yet). So answer the question please. If we go 9-4 do we retain or dismiss CBB and his staff? HOGS YA’LL.

You started the insults on this thread. Read the posts.

I have already been through this with you, Bielema is not being fired after four years with that buyout, 9-4 or 6-7. However to answer your question hypothetically. I would fire Bielema right now because of the style of those blowouts and those horrible defensive stats on the national level. They are beyond embarrassing for this once proud program. They just serve to emblazon him as a bad coach.

Bret doesn’t have a good record. That’s all I know. He’s got a crap load of work to get to the top of the SEC. I don’t think he’s the guy.

I didn’t ask what the contract was or if Long was going to ax CBB. Iasked YOU the question so pay attention. HOGS YA’LL.

I asked YOU the question about retention and would YOU retain or not? Pay attention. HOGS YA’LL.

I have paid attention to you and know exactly what your objective is. Speaking of a person being inattentive. I will answer your question for the third time. Bielema should be fired at the end of this season due to the embarrassing severe deterioration of this program defensively and a substantial lack of confidence that he can rectify that bad situation.

You like Bielema. You may be a Yankee too? Now to your objective. To keep this inept buffoon of a coach until the whole fan base forces Long to fire him. If by chance he slightly betters the season record even with these totally disgraceful nationally embarrassing defensive stats. You will then feel you have justifiable ammunition to ply that course within your rather limited intellectual scope. I think your efforts are totally to be proven in vain with this dud.

In fact, no one is. The truth is, Bret is doing as good as should be expected. Arkansas doesn’t have the recruiting base to recruit in the top half of the SEC. Therefore, it is unrealistic to expect Arkansas to win, on average, more than half of their SEC games.

Your posts do not jive historically with the proud history of this program the least bit. It is well known Arkansas is at a disadvantage recruiting wise due to the small talent pool within this state. Quit wading in that pool in order to stink up this board with total garbage. We just need a coach that can recruit, develop & coach his players. Bielema is not doing that so far. He is paid $4.2 million per year to do so.

If we fired CBB it would be one of the biggest mistakes this university has ever made.

What do you think of this inexplicably (considered seasoned players) awful defense this coach is fielding? Do you think it will improve much ever by just continuing the status quo?

This coach is a hero to some people. It seems mostly people from out of state on this board. I am a born Arkansan that has lived in this state over 60 years. I don’t like any coach that fields teams that perform like I have seen with this coach. He is no hero to me. He is the worst coach I have ever seen up there outside of JLS.

Lol what does the location that I reside have anything to do with discussing football? If you must know, I was born and raised in the state of Arkansas, I still work in the state. My father took me to my first Razorback game when I was 7 in 1982 at War Memorial when we beat TCU. Which means about as much as any Razorback fan’s lineage. The fact that you have lived in the state for 60 years doesn’t mean your always right, and when anyone has a differing opinion all you do is try and call them names and discount their opinion. For the last 3 weeks you have be spouting off on anyone who doesn’t share you anti-CBB rhetoric. Like a petulant child throwing a tantrum after an adult in the room tells you no… Most of the time the adult in the room knows what’s better for the child than the child does.

Where have I called anybody a name that did not insult me likewise beforehand? I guess you will ignore that question just as you did the two questions I addressed to you in the earlier post and just respond by calling me something else like a petulant child. Another question, when did I previously insult you?

I will do so now. You like Bielema because he is a simple minded good old boy dodo just like you. Bielema is an obvious big foul-up as a head coach to anybody with much sense. The U of A is going to have get rid of Long and these Yankees to ever compete at the high end of the SEC. Their only interest is themselves.

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