Just a few of questions

I was wondering. That usually lands me in hot water, but I’m curious. How many current members does WHS have signed up currently?
Now, if this is classified information, please don’t email it to me. I understand the need for confidentiality. I want to be associated with the best. Not necessarily the biggest. The best.

Is anything being done to recruit new members over from Scout?

Who are the mods? This one is important to me. I need to know who to schmooze.

I assume the rules are the same or similar to HI.? Wouldn’t want to be bant.

I liked HI because of the rules. I liked the no name calling and topics that were off limits.

Are there future plans for adding additional topic forums? Hunting, Weasel breeding insider, wood whittling…

Who is the head honcho? The chief? The top brass? If it’s mud or wsop, I’m outta here.

Thank you.

You can answer your own question about numbers by looking at the bottom of the Board Index under STATISTICS.

Also at the bottom of the Board Index is a section called WHO IS ONLINE. There is a green link there labeled [color=#00BF40]Global moderators[/color]. You can click on that link to see a list of the mods.

The rules have not changed. I saved a copy of those before I was banned by Scout. If needed, they can be posted here. But to be safe, you should behave yourself. :sunglasses:

The head honcho is, of course, Clay.

I’ll behave.

I’m impressed to see we have a former U.S. President as a moderator. Glad Mr. Henry is behind the wheel.

I’m impressed to see we have a former U.S. President as a moderator. Glad Mr. Henry is behind the wheel.

This place ain’t worth it if you behave. That’s like going to Skeeter’s and not having a biscuit. :shock:

Yes, we have Jimmy Carter as moderator. The YOUNG Jimmy Carter. You guys will get to know Jimmy more in the coming weeks. He’s a VERY talented writer. He was a free-lancer in college that I recruited to write features for our magazine. He worked two years at the Longview paper before the NW DG hired him to cover preps. We converted him over to our site in the new move. He’s a DANDY! Those who know him also understand that he’s a very snazzy dresser. I mean that seriously. He’s right out of GQ!

I’m happy with what we have accomplished here in a short time with a bunch of registrations. Our numbers are very healthy.