John Scott = new DL coach

For better or worse, John Scott seems to be a 3-4 guy. I would think the NFL entry on Scott’s resume would be helpful in recruiting. Rory Segrest seemed like a nice guy, but didn’t exactly tear things up on the field with player development or off the field with recruiting.


appears to be a good hire, with us shifting to 3-4. he obviously has vast experience at a high level with the defense. i tend to agree on the recruiting aspect, nfl exp. cant hurt. although Segriest came from Philadelphia and he didnt exactly set the world ablaze with his recruiting. if we could of kept Randy Shannon, added with a move to 3-4 i think he could of brought some great lb’s in to play it.

last time we saw this dude he was giving up 439 yards rushing to US in 2014 @ Lubbock! Bad choice.

While Scott is not a “sexy” hire, one must assume the NFL teams would hire quality coaches. As far as your quote, TT did not have very good D-linemen. One must remember, “it is difficult to win the Kentucky Derby with a jackass”.

good one

The problem with the TT defense wasn’t really the D-line. The didn’t have any linebackers or safeties willing to come up and make a hit.