Jeff Long thinks people are stupid..

Their saying to themselves, next yr Arkansas has the weakest schedule in school history, and we can sit up there and say we were right, and the fans were wrong. But why we’re waiting, we’ll knock off one of the Mississippi schools, and Mizzou, and we’ll ride that on into 2018… And in 2018, Arkansas will beat all the cupcakes, make a bowl game, and ride that into 2019 and 2020…
I feel bad for the talented kids on the roster, they should get off this trainwreck before it crashes and takes their careers with them… Froholdt, Nance, Greenlaw, and Ramirez should declare for the draft now, this Beliema clown is going to sink their entire careers if they don’t jump ship…

Let’s say, Coach B is still here as HC next season and you take the 2018 weak schedule theory I still don’t think they can win more than six games under his leadership.

Eastern Illinois - win
@Colorado State - loss?
NorthnTexas - win
@Auburn - loss
Teaxas A&M @Arlington - loss
Alabama - loss
Ole Miss - ?
Tulsa - win ?
Vanderbilt - ?
LSU - loss
@Mississippi St - loss
@Missouri - loss?

I believe that what many to believe is a favorable schedule in 2018 would have some validity if we had a football program that was on more solid ground, the facts are that we don’t.
So, there are a few games that we should be able to win no question, but there are several Home games in conference that could go either way and I don’t believe going to Fort Collins early in the season while braking in a new QB will be a game that we can just assume and I doubt that we will win that game.
Also, what would give any Arkansas fan a reason to believe that we will go on the road at the end of any season under Coach B’s leadership and win a conference game no matter who the opponent is?

If you think that this is their thinking, then you are stupid. The original schedule had Michigan and they are far from weak. The rest of what you said shows no thought whatsoever.


Let’s knock it off with calling others “stupid” while they are simply venting their frustration with the state of the football program.
I’m sure you’re better than that. I’ve read many of your posts and have agreed and shared many of your sentiments. So, please refrain from going low with personal comments.
I believe most folks on the forum want the same thing and that’s a respectable Razorback Football Team.

Maybe not that #39balzguy

Go Hogs!

I don’t think Jeff Long thinks fans are stupid.

I would also note that you could use the so-called soft schedule to give the new coach a firm footing.

We’ll see which way they go.

Saying something that is out of frustration or is well thought out, doesn’t exempt someone from the fact that they said something stupid. Plus, I only use that word because is the title of the thread.

Thanks for your opinion, have a great day!

Is it possible at the end of the season to reassign Bielema to some kind administrative position and then fire him Jan 1 saving us a few million dollars? Then after we reassign Bielema we can go hire a new coach. Assign Bielema cafeteria monitor, I’m sure he’d love that!

I doubt they would be willing to pay a cafeteria monitor 4 million a year! For sure there’s nothing any of us can do about this situation. The bottom line the results we watched at South Carolina are horrible. No fight from the first fumble by C J. They should have just loaded up on the bus and went back to the airport. I’m glad basket season starts in a few weeks. For all intense purposes football season is over!

This last game reminded me of watching a John L Smith coaches team !

Anybody who plays in the SEC West will not have the easiest schedule in school history. And I can point to many SWC schedules that were much weaker. There are no Rice’s in the SEC West unless you want to say Arkansas is filling that role.


If you take a look at a few of my posts, that’s exactly what I’ve said.
This coaching regime is in very short order turning us into the “Rice Owls” of the SEC.

It’s just so sad, for a once proud program with a competitive history and a conference championship from time to time to be broken like this.
I don’t expect to be like Bama, but competitive and respected, YES!


That’s fine if you think that we’re the Rice Owls of the SEC. I’d disagree, but that’s another debate. My point went to the “softest schedule in school history” comment. That’s simply not true and is distinctly unfair when one considers Michigan’s last-minute pullout.

Too much money has been put into facilities and not enough into quality coaches.

Jeff is a worshiper of money. Anything he can come up with to make a dollar more he will do. Wouldn’t surprise me if one day he totally rips out all the east-side bleacher seats and fills it up with suites, loge boxes, and in-door club seats. The guy is money mad.

And, I seriously have no doubt he would try to get approval to do it if he had any level of confidence he could lease them.

Another thing, I think Jeff wants to erase any remaining JFB’s footprints from Razorback athletics.

I also wonder if he would like to do away with the running hog for the front-facing hog?

I guess they want another (eventually main?) image to sell more merchandise but the running hog is iconic and easily recognizable almost world wide. Why would you want to use something that at a distance looks like a red wolf?

Geez… I thought this freaking st…d homer would be hiding under the rock like other homers. He and other homers are contributing to the demise of the Hogs football program. Their ignorance is far beyond any normal people, let alone football fans, praising CBB like the king regardless how bad the program sucks on the field.

I’m guessing you’re talking about me. How am I or people like me contributing to the demise of the program? I can just as easily claim fans here who constantly say “year 3 no 10 wins, get another coach” are killing the program. Plus, where am I praising Bielema? You confuse questioning the foolish comments of some fans as support of Bielema, I’m not doing that.