Jeff Long talks about football, Bobby Petrino, future schedules

If you go into a crack house, you should not be surprised that your logic will not be accepted by residents if it is against the status quo.

Hypocrisy is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform, consider Coach Bobby Petrino as Exhibit A. Houston Nutt as Exhibit B, Lou Holtz as Exhibit C, I think you get the idea. When what you have foresight to see becomes true, then your opponents of today will become hypocrites as they will become a person who indulges in Hypocrisy.

Don’t try to fight City Hall in Crack City. Choose your battles carefully or find City that is more progressive and consider moving to better neighborhood. :sunglasses:

You call me lying about your stanch om Bielema??? You are sure lying about my stance on Anderson. I rarely mention basketball. I surely have never complained about him in the least. I fully accept the basketball program will not be worth a hoot for many decades to come due to the conditions of the Nolan Richardson ouster. The coach that won a National Championship. You have knocked Biielema many times on the old board with disparaging statements. Anyone that reads these boards knows that. No lying about that. YOU ARE A CRITIC!

I said fans like you meaning your attitude not you…yourself. And yes I have knocked BB and MA as well. I am a equal opportunity knocker if you are not doing well. Furthermore, there is a huge difference in your first statement when you said I called for his head…than making statement about BB that I didn’t like what was going on with the team he coaches.

I have no bad attitude towards Anderson. If I was not fully behind Anderson, I would have absolutely no reservations about airing negativity towards him on this board. I simply feel nobody can bring us back to the glory days of old in basketball. I hope I am wrong.

I don’t think it will ever be like it was. First of all, I don’t think NR should have ever been fired. That’s another subject. Just before he was fired Igudala (however you spell it) was committed. We still had JJ Sullinger on the team as well. The NCAA tournaments were going steady. Fans didn’t like what NR stood for. I was angry because most fans said that he had no right to call FB racist. Look, I wasn’t there nor was the media or any other fans. Who knows what was said. It was obvious he was upset. Sorry, I said I didn’t want to talk about that. My point is after that the program went down hill. FB hired an up and coming coach Stan Heath to an established program that was still considered one of the better programs in the nation. He was hired not because he was the most qualified. He was hired so FB could show the minority community that NR was lying and he wasn’t racist. I am black and I thought the same thing. I was wondering who in the heck did we just hire. Most fans thought we would be okay well you see what happened then and after.

Nolan had allot of things on his side. He presented a style of basketball not many other teams were doing at the time. Basketball nationally was evolving. Including a 3 point line in 1986 and a shot clock added. All a benefit to the type of offense NR liked to do and the rest of college basketball had to catch up. In other words he offered a brand of basketball other teams weren’t doing. Allot of these inner city kids loved his style that became 40 minutes of hell. Other teams started running a similar defensive format and pushing the ball offensively. Therein lies the problem today.

  1. Other teams are running, pushing the ball and defending the whole floor ect… Therefore, kids can just about see the same type of system ran at most every school. It’s no longer a huge advantage for Arkansas in recruiting.

  2. Recruiting landscape has changed with AAU. Probably the biggest reason Arkansas has lost out with many recruits. Coaches are getting money from companies such as Nike and pushing their kids to go to certain schools. Including accepting money ect… Back in the 90’s this wasn’t happening much. Example: Goodwin said it was a business decision. (??? should it be an education decision? eyes open), Monks older brother wanted something that would benefit him.(money)

  3. These kids were not even born when Arkansas was going to the NCAA every year. They have only seen the few times that Arkansas has made it. Therefore, there are recruiting advantages at many other schools because they have had a better winning history the last 10-12 years of making the tournament and these kids have seen it on tv for themselves.

With those factors in mind it would be hard to bring back good old days of NR. NR was right about one thing. When you create a monster you have to keep feeding it. Arkansas fans were no longer satisfied with making it to the tournament. They wanted more final fours and many fans thought the train could run without him. Funny how that works now fans would just be happy making the tournament more consistently.

Glory days? You mean 1994-1995 championshp year? You mention in football that we are supposed to win 10 + games every year. Eddie Sutton was a great coach but made one final 4. Nolan had that 5 year stretch of being dominant and one championship. Nolan made it very public and forced his firing. It was on ESPN Nolan insisting he be fired. I agree with you why Heath was hired. If he woulda hired a white guy that woulda caused an uproar. So the program dwindled during his and Pelphrey’s time.

  1. The internet, expanded TV coverage. Every sports league is a copycat league. If it works, copy it.
  2. The internet, expanded TV coverage and things change. maybe you are correct about that one, I don’t know.
  3. Don;t matter. The same teams aren’t in it every year. The college BB staple teams NC, Kansas, KY, etc will always recruit better.

Anderson is the best choice for us. He wants to be here and there is much to be optimistic about.

That quarterback who just went out the door went out the door because he was fourth string. Not third, fourth.

As for contract extensions, BB got one in February 2015 and another one after this season (if not before) would not surprise me.

Arkansas went to the NCAA Basketball Tournament 21 out of 24 years from 1977 - 2001. Had enough wins in those NCAA Tournament visits to be at the pinnacle of the elite in college basketball. Above Kentucky and Kansas. I would call that glory days every day and twice on Sunday.

I remember when Richardson was fired in 2002. He had been under the cloud for years of a never ending NCAA investigation about a couple of players he had mistakenly played on the advice of a secretarial staffer. She mistakenly stated needed courses by them had been cleared to make them eligible when they had not been. The NCAA immediately kicked the two players off the Razorback squad but the investigation went on for years severely damaging Richardson’s recruiting. I remembering him publicly complaining about that often. Basketball scholarships were dropped from 17 to 13 during Richardson’s run at the top of the college basketball mountain. They also extremely toughened rules on recruiting junior college players that were the lifeblood of Richardson’s success at Arkansas. I use to years back send letters to Razorback coaches. Richardson returned personal replies to both letters I ever sent him. Both contained small samples of his coaching philosophy. Richardson and Joe Kines were the only ones up through Danny Ford that ever answered a letter back to me. I never sent one after Danny Ford. Not saying not answering letters makes Razorback coaches bad, they are busy people. However when Richardson said Frank Broyles ignored him and would not even greet him in the halls of the university. I BELIEVED RICHARDSON. I also think the NCAA and the SEC front office had a target on the back of Richardson. I agree with tawtam, it was racism. When Richardson blew up at Kentucky in 2002, it was fully justified.

I think the main difference now is good players only staying for 1 or 2 years. During Nolan’s best years, nobody left before their junior year and most stayed through their senior year. Just imagine if Corliss has gone pro after his first year like many good players do today. There wouldn’t have been a NC.

I know Peavey was demoted down to fourth string after his minor back surgery. I also remember BA taking the field at Missouri in the second half several years ago when he literally could not even throw the ball anymore due to injury. Maybe Peavey remembered that type QB operations up there as well. I fully understand him choosing playing over extended bench sitting.

My mistake, I didn’t catch that 2015 extension. Looks like Long has fell right in behind Broyles on those constant contract rollovers. I don’t and never have agreed with that philosophy. Not done around the country unless big time winning. We don’t have that now anywhere in the Razorback program.

The interesting question to me was when they asked Jeffie if he was concerned about how his firing Bobby was perceived by the fans. He immediately said NO !! Well let me be the first to say you should be VERY concerned Jeffie. Because a lot of us fans want your butt gone !!! Yesterday.