Jeff Long Hoping and Praying

I think Jeff Long is afraid to fire CBB as Jeff was instrumental is hiring CBB. For CBB to be fired now would dhow that Long made a bad decision when he hired CBB. Long is an Administrator and doesn’t know the nuts and bolts of football. In the Military, we used to say a person leader can tell you how things are supposed to work but that they have never had hands on training. Other words they have book knowledge about how
to drive a truck, from reading a manual, but have never driven one. Same with Jeff Long.
Coach BB looked great on paper and had success in WI with his FB teams. but Coaching in the SEC is a different world than coaching at WI.

To Coach BB, I say Lead, Follow or just get out of the way. Hog Fan’s are sick and tired of losing.

I don’t blame Long all that much for Bret being a bad coach. Honestly on paper he might have been the best hire in the country. Fast forward 5 years? The worst. I don’t think teams will be hiring Wisconsin coaches anymore unless it’s Barry Alvarez moving away from his AD spot. He is the coach and whoever is on the field is just the limo driver.

That said, Long can make up for it if he gets rid of Bret, and makes a good hire. By a good hire I mean one that will win, not necessarily the best resume. I think he will get it done this time. He better call Mike Leach.

I think Jeff Long is far more qualified than you give him credit. He held coaching positions at Duke, Michigan and North Carolina State.

Coach B has been to passive with his defense since he’s been here. With special teams he has never put the effort into a coverage scheme or a return game period.
Offense he can get a lead and choke ! Poor clock management to end the first half half by being passive and not moving the ball only to give opponents the ball and to score.
Keeping your foot on the gas on offense and defense is what wins games.

Great take and none of this falls at the feet of Jeff Long.

You can fire Jeff Long tonight and he will have a job before you can raise a beer and bid farewell. Most everyone was glad and even giddy to get CBB when he arrived now it seems 90% of the posters on this forum new he was a bad hire, yeah right. We all expected better results than what has transpired to this point, hopefully a upswing begins against Auburn. At this point there’s no doubt his seat is very hot, but what he needs to do to keep his job is up to J Long. It’s obvious he doesn’t take into consideration what posters think on this forum, if he did CBP would be here. WPS

It would certainly be a joyous occasion for me to bid farewell to Long. And as for Bret, I was never one of the “most” gang you speak of.

I did not want him, had serious doubts that he could be successful with his smash-mouth style. Since we’ve been in the league there have been just a handful to win consistently with a true power running attack. Bama, Ga, LSU, sometimes Auburn. Other teams have done well running the ball but they did not use Bielema style of offense.

The reason I didn’t think BB would succeed in the SEC was the number of teams in the West and the SEC overall that have high quality DLines. And in his 4 1/2 years to date, Bama, Texas A &M, Auburn, and MsSt have eaten his lunch. He has achieved a push with LSU. Too add to his grief, recruiting hasn’t been his friend either.

Jeff Long decisions have ruined our football program. The first move was the firing of Bobby Petrino. The next was hiring John L. Smith. The next mistake was hiring Brett Bielema.

Petrino’s firing satisfied all the hypocritical fans who could not stand the extramarital affair and Bobby’s subsequent denial of the affair. I believe that if Bill Clinton can have multiple affairs including while he was President of the United States, an affair and denial by a football coach should not be grounds for dismissal. Especially since his teams were the best Razorback teams since Lou Holtz.

The next blunder was hiring John L Smith. Smith took a pre season top 10 team to a 4 win season and cost Tyler Wilson a NFL career. Tyler was sacked and beat up so badly that he was understandably a shell shocked quarterback who could not play in the NFL.

That leads us to the much ballyhooed hiring oh Brett Bielema. Brett made a number of outrageous promises about how he would lead us to unprecedented success in the SEC. He boasted that he had a better coaching record in the Big 10 than Nick Saban. Brett finally won his first SEC game late in his second season. And his record at Arkansas is 27- 30 (10-25 SEC).

With this record of utter incompetence, the University of Arkansas can not let Jeff Long make another football hire. His brilllaint hires have taken our.program from a top 5 ranking in the 2011-2012 season to a program that dwells in the SEC cellar with Vanderbilt and Kentucky.

Jeff Long hired Bobby Petrino

Yes, he did. But he didn’t want to do it; how he got to the decision may be debatable. One theory (and the one I believe BTW) is that Petrino called Long several times and Long wouldn’t take his calls nor return them. Moves were apparently made by a substantial program supporter from central Arkansas, but to conclude, Long basically was told by his superiors to interview and/or hire Petrino. I was told that in an email from someone who did then, and still has ties to the UofA’s BOT.

Sure wish he never wrecked that bike. May be a very unethical person in his marriage but he can coach the hell out of football.

Unpopular opinion… I don’t care. We won games. Bret only wins in the buffet lines.

I would agree for the most part, brother. What concerns me about Long, is his history of success in hiring head football coaches or lack of it. I was a Bobby Petrino supporter and think he did one helluva job in Fayetteville, yet according to some of the other posts, Petrino’s persistence may have had more to do with the hiring than Long. As I recall, didn’t Long make a run at Jim Grobe, the Wake Forest coach at time? If so, that’s more than a little concerning, in my opinion.

Totally agree with your comment on Mike Leach. The guy is a proven winner and has turned a doormat of a program into a very competitive team in Pullman. Exciting football, as well.