Jeff Long asks fans for unity … -20160913/#/

Good luck with that Jeff Long. I have a feeling you are about to see the Razorback Nation more fractured than it has ever been. I’ve been attending games in Little Rock as long as I could remember. I’ve seen alot of great ones there. The place holds a special place in my heart. However, I understand it is time to move the games to Fayetteville due to the campus being there, money, recruiting, and that NWA can now fully support the hogs with a population (sort of). But back to the unity thing, under Long (and this is out of his control) I have never seen in my 38 years a more vile attitude from NWA people about Central Arkansas. Central Arkansas is referred to a “crime ridden, terrible, horrible people, dangerous, a dump, etc”. Its disheartening to hear the other fans speak of a CITY that was so gracious to the Razorback football program when it was on its knees. The reason game were moved to LR was due to lack of support from the NW corner of the state. People from all over the state would travel to LR to see the hogs play. Everyone got in on the action. Now it is in the NW corner of the state. But it is also on TV, every weekend. When NWA fan screams the stadium is a dump and you can’t even sell out the stadium, blah blah blah. For who, Toledo? Louisiana Monroe? Georgia should have been a sellout, I get that. But even if the tickets are sold out for RRS, remember that the last time the stadium was at capacity was in 2010 vs Alabama. That was 6 years ago. However, winning solves the attendance problems 99% of the time. I’ll always root for the Razorbacks and will attend games occasionally, but having to hear NWA fan tell me how terrible everywhere else is compared to NWA is annoying. NWA reminds me of east Texas, minus the diversity, entertainment, and good restaurants. Dickson Street is fast becoming Branson Landing. There is a Waffle House and Taco Bell on Dickson Street!! Go Hogs!!

I don’t know who you talk to but I don’t know anyone who in NWA who complains about playing games in Little Rock because they think it’s crime riddled or anything like that. The only complaints I’ve heard is like what you mentioned about WM being a dump or the fans want to tailgate more than go into the game. I lived for years in central Arkansas and understand why people in south Arkansas want “meaningful” games to be played in Little Rock again, not just dump games. I have mixed feelings on WM but will support whatever happens.

It is an unneccesary “road” game and they don’t even get to fly. Other teams have done this 'Bama and even Green Bay used to play a game in Milwaukee. There were some great games in LR. There are those that remember we were playing four games in LR in the 70s and 80s. It really isn’t a homefield advantage anymore, its a neutral game.

I’m not arguing for keeping the games. Its just the attitude that annoys me. Home games should be played at home. As a resident of central arkansas I would love to see WMS turned into an indoor multisports complex with an indoor track, etc. Shrink the seating and make huge upgrades. It could be done.

It is not hard to remember when War Memorial Stadium out seated Razorback Stadium by over 10,000 seats and was the only venue for night games. Razorback Stadium had no lights in the 60’s, 70’s and even into the 80’s as I recollect. This all made Little Rock War Memorial Stadium the prime venue for home games for Hog players & fans of several past generations. There was nothing “neutral” about Little Rock games back then to anyone in Razorback Nation. It is not a neutral site now. The stadium in Little Rock played a bigger part in helping the Razorbacks to prosper than the Fayetteville Stadium did back then. That is a FACT. However all things change. The people managing Little Rock who took decades longer than cities of comparable size to ever build an entertainment arena as Alltel/Verizon have just never came to bat for old War Memorial. Never no real upgrading renovation as far as increased seating or RRS type finery. They just dropped the ball and comparing WMS to RRS is now laughable. That same light jovial attitude is the way most central area Hog fans as I must take losing all Hog games. Little Rock brought it all on itself. How this will effect the Razorback program in the decades ahead is anyone’s guess.

16 years living in Northwest Arkansas I have never heard anyone refer to the rest of Arkansas the way you describe. There are some people like that everywhere, but I am not sure your broad brush represents the attitudes of most.

One old codger’s opinion:

Without attacking or deriding anyone else’s feelings or convictions, please allow me to express my personal position on the Little Rock venue issue FWIW.

The whys and wherefores of the aims, priorities or reasoning of half a century ago are not - and SHOULD not - be applicable to the realities of the prevailing contemporary climate. What was reasonable, equitable, attractive and vitally inclusive in 1970 has no compatible relationship to the marketing of the Arkansas SEC game experience in 2016.

Army, Navy, and The Ivy League college teams were perennial Top Twenty teams back in the 1940’s; but - as you may have noted - present day pollsters don’t insist upon including them in the hierarchy of the various modern era polls simply for old times sake.

A school cafeteria does not refrain from serving hash for the simple expediency of patronizing the discriminating taste buds of the 15% of the student body who do not favor (or savor) hash.

Time marches on. - - - - So should The University Of Arkansas.

And do not forget the recruiting rules changed a lot for the LR game.

Used to sell cushions at War Memorial and watched some great games on the sidelines for many years (>10) because our concession passes looked like sideline passes back in the day. However, many great memories, and lots of stories from the past, benefit no one in the present, if relationships aren’t honored. Pragmatically, moving forward means exclusively playing in Fayetteville and I agree. Relationally, Jeff Long is respectfully reaching out to us old fans and I appreciate that gesture greatly. :wink:

I was born and raised in 501. Love Central Arkansas. Hate it that the games are leaving the city. I’m a Razorback first though. I will always support and call the Hogs no matter where they play.

I do like to stir the pot now and then though. :smiley:

I don’t get much say in the matter anyway. Neither does anyone else on here so it is what it is.

This old codger grew up going to games in LR as well and have wonderful memories of those games with fraternity brothers and my dad, but folks “home” games should be played at home, like every other SEC team does. Time to move on. Woo Pig

I remember selling programs before the game and and sitting on the grass behind the North End Zone. But memories are just that.

I grew up in Little Rock and attended most LR games in the 70’s. Those games helped make me the Razorback fan I am today. Some great memories.

However it is time for the Hogs to stay on campus for home games. WMS is no longer an appropriate venue for an SEC school.

Obviously VERY happy about the outcome of the game and the breaks that put us into position to finish it…but I thought Rex Nelson’s joking comments about Kenny Hill and the throat slash were classless. It happened, it gave us good field position,we made it count…now take the high road and leave it alone…joking or not.

Let’s focus on the next task at hand…Texas State.