Jeff E. Please expand on this..

Jeff E. please explain to me this statement you made:

"My guess is Bielema wanted to move to a 3-4, probably so Arkansas would have a better chance at being able to run the ball on offense in the 4th QRTR, and that’s not what Robb Smith coaches, so he stepped aside in a dignified way. " Jeff E

How is what ever defense we run going to get the offense run the ball better in the 4th quarter? Second, you don’t really thing CS “stepped aside” are you that clueless? He got fired…Or in CBB style he was told “find a new job so I don’t have to fire you” If CS was at a loss as to how to run a 3-4 defense, he is pretty inept. Sad that CBB can’t actually coach any position or scheme him self. This is coaching football not finding the answer to perpetual motion. …:Ok we were 4-3, now we are going to 3-4… mind blowing… I have to find another job.

I think what he is trying to say, if our defense could maintain a lead our offense wouldn’t be forced to pass and we could just run the ball to eat the clock.

Don’t get me wrong I’m no fan of Bielema’s he’s kind of two faced, and just a jerk to anyone he isn’t trying to get something from. But it’s pretty obvious I was talking about being able to have a balanced offense in the 4th Qrtr, because we aren’t down by 3 TD’s…