Jacorey Williams Conf USA Player of the Year

Jacorey Williams turned out to be a very good player. If only we’d had him last year, maybe 9 conference wins would have been 11 or 12, maybe the NCAA tourney wouldn’t have been such a far-fetched dream last year. What a shame!

Personal choices… Young men make decisions and must learn the consequences. Those choices do not diminish physical abilities, but they do set up clashes. It is too bad when teams and institutions must take the impact of those personal choices while the young men can just go on with choices in other directions. There are times that the innocent get hurt, but that is all part of life’s lessons and these teams and young people must learn to cope with reality. Decisions that must be made in instances such as this are not trivial.

Good for Jacorey. He made some mistakes here and honestly, needed a change to get his stuff together. Im personally happy to see him make the most of a second chance.

Everyone makes mistakes I personally don’t think they should have kicked him out I think he should have been counseled and mentored he was a young man nobodies perfect but it is mind blowing that he was tearing it up at middle Tennessee is that a deal where it’s a weaker conference than the sec because I didnt think he was that great here

Yes, a weaker conference, but I will point out that Middle Tennessee destroyed Ole Miss and Vandy, so evidently Conf. USA not that much weaker, at least at the top.